Top Thermal Efficiency

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All of our structures are built with thermal efficiency in mind; we want to dispel the myth of conservatories and glass extensions as places that are boiling hot throughout the summer, freezing cold when winter rolls around and basically no use to anyone! Instead, our glass and aluminium designs use a range of different technologies, to ensure they maintain top thermal efficiency ratings – so they can stay cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat, and therefore requires a ‘thermal break’. The polyamide strips isolate the internal aluminium extrusion from the external extrusion thus restricting the amount of thermal transmittance through the frame. Combined with a professional installation to ensure weather tightness, the Apropos MK3 system fully complies with all current building regulations for energy efficiency.

The Apropos MK3 system has been analysed using methods as defined in BS EN ISO10077-2 2003 to give an overall window U-value of 1.59W/m2K when glazed in a suitably specified insulated glass unit.

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