Polyester Powder Coating

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All Apropos bespoke structures are finished using polyester powder, at our Manchester based powder coating plant within the factory itself –  it provides a consistent, long lasting, low maintenance coating for the high quality aluminium frameworks we employ. This highly attractive finish will also help protect your structure for many years to come, and is available in a range of sympathetic colours.

Polyester powder coating consists of a polyester resin which is cured at high temperature to form a smooth durable surface. The thickness of the Apropos coating is between 40 and 80 microns and adhesion is ensured by strict adherence to pre-treatment regimes in respect of cleaning and etch priming in particular.

Apropos offers a standard range of colours (RAL’s) but will deviate from that range (for a premium) provided the chosen RAL is stable and appropriate for external use.

RAL_UpdateApropos has its own polyester powder coating plant, which was officially opened by the Mayor of Tameside in May 2011. The high quality of Apropos’ powder coating has been recognised by the world’s leading authority, Akzo Nobel, with the award of its Service First Applicator status.

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