Benefits of Aluminium

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If you’re considering the addition of a bespoke conservatory, modern orangery or glass extension to your property, it’s well worth looking into the different materials available for your chosen structures framework. Most of today’s glass frameworks are constructed using either uPVC, wood or modern aluminium extrusions.

At Apropos we use only the best materials for each and every structure we design, manufacture and install – which is why we work solely with aluminium, to create our high quality frameworks.

There are many reasons why aluminium is the best choice for your structure, but don’t just take it from us!

Why is aluminium the best option?

There are two main reasons why aluminium is the superior choice for your frameworks – its physical properties and environmental credentials.

Strong, lightweight and highly durable, aluminium is the ideal material for use in construction; requiring very little maintenance, unlike the annual oiling needed by a wooden frame. Whats more the intrinsic strength of aluminium means that your frameworks won’t warp with time, as with uPVC. Better still, within a coastal environment, aluminium is the only material which can withstand the salty air and harsher weather conditions.

Aluminium also has excellent formability, which means it can be bent into many different shapes – giving you far more design options than you would have with wooden conservatories and allowing us to offer our bespoke range. In addition, aluminium does not burn, making it highly fire resistant, whereas a wooden or uPVC conservatory wouldn’t stand up for long against the same.

When it comes to the environmental impact, you may be surprised to find that an aluminium structure can compete with, and even surpass, the eco-friendly credentials of a wooden conservatory. This is because, aluminium is not only the most abundant metal on earth but it is also endlessly recyclable. Although the material for your wooden conservatory may come from a managed forest, it cannot be recycled to the same extent as aluminium, which arguably makes the metal a more sustainable option. And as we all know, recycling uPVC, whilst possible, is no easy feat – and most of the cut offs from your conservatory will no doubt be tossed into land fill.

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