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We work hard to make the process of adding a new bespoke conservatory, glass house, pool house or orangery to your home or property as easy as possible. There is quite a lot involved, but we are experts in this field and will work with you to make it as smooth as possible.

Our approach is very flexible and we will be involved as much or as little as you like in your project. Our aim is the same as yours; to design and install a bespoke structure that looks amazing, complements your existing property and can be used exactly the way you want to use it – and to do all this as efficiently as possible, with the minimum of fuss and the highest of standards..


  • The Design Consultation

    We can design for you or work with your chosen architect to create a stunning design for your new bespoke structure. Because all Apropos glass structures are unique and not made up of standard parts or components, designers have the freedom to really let their imaginations take over.

    If your new bespoke structure is to be everything you hoped it would be..

  • ..then we need to be sure that we understand your requirements and aspirations fully right from the outset, whether you are using your own architect or asking us to design for you.

    If you already have architect's drawings then we would be happy to receive them and consult with you or your architect by telephone to discuss the project's viability and likely cost...

  • ..Alternatively we can arrange a free-of-charge, no obligation appointment with one of our own design consultants, who will visit the project with you to discuss your requirements. Since all Apropos structures are unique and bespoke, this initial consultation will focus on what you wish to achieve..

    We will therefore discuss with you the size, style and shape of the new structure as well as your intended use for it. During this visit the consultant will also take the measurements and photographs required to produce a design for you...

  • ..We will make a second appointment with you, usually around 7 - 10 days after the initial consultation, in order to present the designs and quotations we have prepared for you.


  • Presentation and Order Placement

    With something as unusual, innovative and above-the-ordinary as an Apropos bespoke structure, an architect's plan can demand a lot of your imagination. That's why we prefer to create our structures in virtual reality. Using the latest 3-dimensional solid modelling and CAD systems, we produce computer generated images that help our designers and clients see and compare ideas and variations in stunning reality and detail, whilst at the same time ensuring the optimum specification.

  • ..It is important to us that you are totally happy with the design of your new bespoke structure. Once you have made your final decision to go ahead, therefore, we will make a further appointment for you with our designer to discuss any modifications required to the initial design.

    This modification process may go through more than one phase: that's fine by us; we're very flexible in our approach and what is important is that you get exactly what's right for you..

  • ..Once everyone is totally happy with the designs, the detailed specification for the new bespoke structure will be drawn up. The specification will include the aluminium and glass structure itself, along with any special finishes, hardware or other requirements you have. This specification will form your order with us for the manufacture and installation of your glass structure.


  • Client Liaison

    Our commitment to quality extends to the quality of service you receive from us. Your first contact with our customer services team will be on placement of your order, when you will receive a call from us to explain the process from that point through to completion of your order and organise a site survey. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like; we are here to ensure that your dealings with Apropos go smoothly and that you are satisfied every step of the way.

  • ..Because your new bespoke structure is manufactured to order to the specific design created for you, the survey we conduct is thorough and the manufacturing process takes a little time.

    So, as a matter of routine, we will keep in touch with a progress report so that you are fully informed of the status of your order. This also gives you the opportunity to keep us advised of any developments at your property, for example if other building work is taking place.


  • Planning & Building Regulations

    A new bespoke structure is usually subject to local planning rules and building regulations. If you have engaged a firm of architects or builders, then they will probably handle all aspects of planning and building control for you, but if not, don't worry, we can take care of it.

  • On your behalf we can draw up plans for the Local Authority and prepare a planning application. We will liaise with the planning officers and handle any queries they may have.

    We will ensure that your new bespoke structure meets current Building Regulations and we will arrange for an inspector to call at the appropriate time. We will keep you fully informed of the progress of planning and building regulations approval via your regular updates from our customer services team.


  • Site Survey & Technical Drawings

    One of the ways in which we ensure the quality of the finished bespoke structure is to ensure that we make a detailed survey of the site on which it is to be built. This means taking very precise (to the millimetre) measurements and noting the exact position of drains, pipework, existing structures such as walls and garden features, etc. The survey will also take note of site access arrangements and any special considerations.

  • The concept and design drawings produced for you, along with the information from the detailed site survey, will be given to our technical team, who will use this information to produce a detailed technical drawing known as the GAD (General Arrangement Drawing).

    On receipt of your approval of the GAD, it will form the basis of the comprehensive manufacturing drawings, from which your new bespoke structure will be made.

  • The GAD can also be used by your builders to provide them with the precise dimensions they need to ensure that your new glass structure will fit perfectly on site..


  • Building Works

    The design, manufacture and installation of your new Apropos bespoke structure go hand in hand with building works at your property, so that the site is ready for our installation team. The extent of the building works will depend on the size and nature of the project, and the cost of these works needs to be taken into account when assessing the overall budget.

  • Our technical teams will liaise with your builder or architect throughout the build phase to ensure that your new bespoke structure is delivered at the right time and dovetails perfectly with the building works.

    Our installation team may also request to check the building work prior to delivery, just to be sure that there are no last minute problems.


  • Manufacture and Installation

    Once the GAD has been approved, detailed manufacturing drawings will be produced from which the components of your new bespoke structure will be made. The manufacturing drawings specify the materials required as well as the profiles to be extruded and the glass to be cut. All Apropos structures are tailor made, and once the raw materials required have been ordered and delivered...

  • the aluminium frames will be custom extruded, polyester powder coated in your chosen colour and then carefully wrapped ready for delivery.In some cases we will trial build part or all of your structure at our facility. We do this when there are complicated shapes or design features involved to ensure that everything fits together properly and will not cause any problems for the installation team.

    The final stage of the process is the delivery and installation of your new Apropos bespoke structure.

  • We need to be sure that we deliver your bespoke structure and schedule the installation team at just the right time, hence our customer services team keeping in regular contact with you throughout the process. This regular contact allows us to schedule the manufacture and installation to be ready once building work at the site is complete, and to tweak those schedules should anything unforeseen occur during building work.

    Your bespoke structure will be installed by our own team of highly skilled engineers, who will erect it quickly and efficiently with a very high standard of workmanship.

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