Living rooms

The room in a house that we generally call a living room has, in itself, lots of uses; relaxing, reading, watching TV, socialising, entertaining… The days of a living room being saved for important visitors and special occasions are long gone with living rooms now an integral part of family life.

Most people for whom we build a bespoke conservatory have one thing in common, and that is the desire for extra space in their home. There are many reasons why our clients might not want to move house, and just as many reasons why an extra room would transform their current home. An extra living room situated in an Apropos bespoke conservatory is the ideal solution to the problem of how to create extra space. Stylish glass structures not only look impressive, they can be put to any use you care to imagine.

Your Aspirations Become a Reality

Imagine your ideal living room and we can make it a reality. Understated and sophisticated, modern, traditional, or “well-loved” and comfortable, our architects will design a bespoke conservatory for you that will be the perfect space for the type of living room you most desire. Because all our bespoke conservatories are truly unique and built to the design we create especially for you, the possibilities are bounded only by your imagination. We can incorporate special features within your home as well as the intended use for the structure to create a bespoke conservatory that will be the envy of all.

Year Round Comfort

The real beauty of a living room within an apropos bespoke conservatory is the blurring of the lines between the outdoors and the indoors. A glass structure allows you to enjoy your garden and the views beyond it from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Incorporate a sliding door or a folding sliding door and your garden becomes an extension of your living room, allowing you to let in the lovely summer weather, whilst providing a comfortable seal between you and winter.

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