Conservatories: Not Just For Summer

Published on 17th October 2019
Conservatories, like plants and flowers thrive in sunshine. They become brilliant spaces to spend the morning; sipping coffee with a copy of your favourite newspaper, or watching the children play, just beyond your sanctuary, as you relax under glazed skies.

In summer the conservatory shines day or night, brightening up the season. All the while, helping you make the most of precious sun filled days. But when winter rolls around, we often forgo the conservatory until summer once again appears.

At Apropos, though, we believe the conservatory isn’t just a space for summer. It’s about time we all started spending a little more time with our glazing during the colder seasons. There have been huge leaps in glass technology, manufacturing and thermal efficiency since the days when the conservatory needed abandoning until spring.

Your conservatory can still be just as perfect a place to spend your days as it was during summer. If you have an Apropos structure, thermal break technology and the naturally high thermal properties of aluminium will keep you snug as a bug. Add solar controll

ed glazing, a wood burner or under floor heating and you’ll increase the comfort even more. Making your conservatory as snug as any other part of your home.

What the rest of the home doesn’t have however, is a 360-degree view of your own personal winter wonderland. You’re very own nature watch, which you can enjoy live from the comfort of your conservatory. So why not make the most of yours this year?

Whatever your plans this winter, make sure you spend some time in your conservatory. You’ll soon come to see what a perfect place it is year round.

If wintering in a bespoke Apropos conservatory, orangery or extension sounds like the thing for you request a brochure today or get in touch to arrange a home design consultation with our experts.
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