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Published on 3rd October 2019
Autumn is upon us, but rather than lamenting the passing of summer it’s time to embrace the season! Autumn is a time for chunky knits, hot chocolate and walks through fallen leaves. It’s a time for comfort and catching up with friends in a cosy space to call your own.

Autumn then, is a season to take a little time for yourself. To head indoors with loved ones, light some candles and embrace moody skies as the darker nights set in. It’s when we start to crave a little sanctuary in the home, somewhere to simply unwind and stick our feet up.

A conservatory offers the perfect solution.

The real beauty of the conservatory is that it’s such a flexible space. Even more so if you decide to go bespoke. Conservatories offer an influx of light, whatever the season – making even a small structure feel spacious. Relatively quick to construct, conservatories only need planning permission in exceptional circumstances. If you do select a bespoke option, such as that offered by Apropos, they can be designed to work almost anywhere, accommodating awkward corners, unusual plumbing and uneven surfaces.

Among our favourite ways to use your conservatory is as a dining room, or kitchen-diner. Although fabulous in summer, where the doors can be thrown open to revive a sultry space, in autumn and winter the glazing of a conservatory really comes into its own. Natural light can lift a home, and in the cooler months, floor-to-ceiling glazing can lift the spirits, especially in a room that’s regularly used.

Imagine watching the leaves drifting by as you serve up Sunday lunch. Ruddy-cheeked from a walk in the park whilst the joint served its time in the oven. Family and friends gather around the table in your favourite room in the house, warm inside as the wind bats against the bright conservatory glass. The garden is resplendent in fiery autumn glory, and you can see it all, without being in it. As the meal comes to an end the heavens open, and wine in hand you listen to the patter of rain on all around; calm, replete and entirely in your element.

Get in touch with Apropos today to start planning your families autumnal gathering place! 
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