Orangeries: Outside the Box

Published on 19th September 2019
Is there anything more pleasurable on a cold winter’s day than sitting in a patch of sunshine smiling in through a south-facing window? It might not be particularly warm, but the brightness of those beautiful bathing beams stimulate the senses, summoning a sensation of serenity and optimism.

The orangery has had a place in British architecture since the 18th century, and although it now has less of an overtly horticultural function, structurally orangeries have remained much the same. Traditionally, the orangery was a bright, open structure, relatively simple in design – circular, rectangular or square, free from unexpected nooks and corners – with sheltered areas of supportive brickwork, glazed, peaked roofs, and large windows providing tempting views out into the garden. It’s a classic design and is still popular today, enabling the orangery to infuse practically any home with a ‘touch of class,’ but that’s not to say that modern interpretations are unavailable, or lacking in elegance.

Apropos have been building bespoke orangeries for more than three quarters of a century, helping our clients to make the most of the great outdoors while staying cozied up behind glass. Although the traditional designs have always been popular, it is possible to give the orangery a contemporary twist without losing any of its inherent sophistication – that is the beauty of bespoke design. A split-depth facia, such as that pictured in the Olsen property, can change the feeling of an orangery, better enabling you to compartmentalise the open-plan space, without harming the aesthetics.

Of course, whatever the design, one fundamental element of the orangery remains the same; that feeling of sunshine on a cold winter’s day. Orangeries brings together the outdoors and in more thoroughly than any other architectural feature. Unlike conservatories, orangeries are a fully integrated part of the home; bright, open and inviting, the modern orangery is meant to be lived in. On a cold winter’s day you can watch the birds feed as you eat your breakfast in your orangery; from your orangery spring bulbs and blossom become part of your decorating scheme; in summer you can slide back the doors and let your garden extend your living room, subtly, without flare and fanfare; and in autumn the changing colours and falling leaves can be the backdrop to family life.

The Apropos design ethos is based around finding unique solutions for unique spaces, delivering functional needs, and personal aesthetic preferences. Apropos orangeries are designed to help you bring the best of the outdoors in, without the inconvenience of the weather.

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