Finishing Touches: Filling Your Apropos Kitchen Extension.

Published on 8th August 2019
There are few changes to the home more exciting than a new kitchen extension. Your kitchen could change from the purely functional to the very epicentre of your home. It’s not an inexpensive process however, so it pays to  get things right first time.
So, how do you go about getting the best from your kitchen extension?

The Apropos portion of your kitchen extension, might be complete when the last bolt has been tightened. At which point it’s up to you to complete your beautifully bespoke new kitchen. With our own bespoke nature, we believe bespoke is always best.

We have worked with a lot of kitchen designers through the years, and we’ve noticed that the best results are often found in bespoke work, such as that produced by Andrew John Lloyd. An example of which you can see below.

Just like with our own designs, the main benefit to opting for bespoke kitchen furniture is that your kitchen can be created without compromise. From pull-out pantry to in-built wine rack, you’ll get exactly what you need to make your new space work for you.

A good kitchen designer will have all the relevant questions ready to work out what you currently need in terms of surfaces and storage. So it’s worth thinking about your answers before hand and deciding on how best to use the space now. How much do you cook? Do you bake? Do you long for a sink with a view? Where will you want to eat – breakfast bar, dining table, or both? The choices are almost endless when you choose to go bespoke, so it’s worth narrowing down your options.

With so many ‘essential’ new gadgets coming on to the market, it’s also worth looking at ways that you might future-proof your new kitchen extension. Boiling water taps and waste disposal sink units are both growing in popularity.  Dedicated pizza ovens are trending just now and all-mounted magnetic knife racks are a great idea to utilise space efficiently. , but they’re not always the safest bet if you have, or are intending to have, pets or children. Whatever you have in mind for your new kitchen, it should be built around your lifestyle.

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect kitchen’, but it is possible to create your perfect kitchen, and with a bit of planning, and a bit of Apropos magic, you could soon be on your way.

Get in touch today to invite one of our expert designers round for a bru and see what we can do for you and your home. 
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