Apples & Orangeries

Published on 22nd August 2019
Brick walls, folding doors and roof lantern; an orangery is an orangery is an orangery, is it not? No, not. Definitely not.

Perhaps you’ll think this salesman’s whatnot, but there’s really no what in our considerable not. Apropos contemporary orangeries are as alike our competitor’s as the fruit that gave them their name are like the Great British apple… Which is to say, not at all!

As apples and oranges are fruits and have skins, so Apropos and other orangeries are made of bricks and glass, but there both similarities end. We could emulate the masses and the mass produced, if that should take a customer’s fancy, but for us, that bandwagon left town some 75 years ago and we waved our hankies at it as it disappeared from view.

We thought about joining them, we really did, but found the call of bespoke glass architecture too alluring to resist, so while others rolled out their pre-shaped parts in tacky plastic and one type of glass we left them to it and went our own way, creating unique contemporary designs in tailor-made shapes and sizes so that our customers could have homes that were entirely their own.

So, how to describe an Apropos orangery? It’s a tough one because they’re all so unique. We’ll begin with some adjectives that we know to ring true in every design:  airy and bright. Although our contemporary orangery glazing can be framed in wood or uPVC, at Apropos we use aluminium frames for several reasons: they’re stronger than the other options; they last longer; they can be cast in a huge variety of shapes; they need very little maintenance; and, here’s the pertinent point for ‘airy and bright’, they produce the slimmest sightlines available in glass architecture. Because aluminium is strong, it doesn’t need to be used in excess, so our frames can be narrow where needed, letting the light shine through.

The strength of our contemporary  orangery frames bring other benefits too, such enhanced security; you’d need a hefty tin opener to get into one of these without the key!

So those are three adjectives for you: airy, bright and safe. What else do we have? How about: comfortable, versatile, attractive, and original? Because all of our designs – for everything we do, not just orangeries – are custom-made we’re able to make sure that your finished product is exactly as you wanted it to be: no compromises on height, shape, or variety of glass; no patio doors where you may have wished for bi-fold or sliding; no single colour to be content with, but a range to choose from to suit your style.

Orangeries originally were bespoke. Created so that the Georgian and Victorian rich could grow fruit throughout the year, they were technical wonders and each one was unique. With plentiful greengrocers and supermarkets around, the orangery’s purpose has changed, but we think that they should still be places to marvel; beautiful; comfortable; bright; accommodating; and made entirely for you.

An orangery is an orangery is an orangery, is it not?

No, not. Definitely not.

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