Kenton Lodge: Linked For Life

Published on 25th July 2019
With the sun shining, our structures are coming into their own up and down the country. So, today, we thought we’d take a look at a rather special project. This majestic glazed link way adorns Kenton Lodge, a luxury retirement home located just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. DSCF5631

The architecture of Kenton Lodge has evolved over time. Each change made to meet the needs of its residents and expand the ways in which the space can be used. The retirement home consists of two previously separate buildings. The first, and grandest of these, is the main reception and social area. This section of the property is housed in a beautiful period building. Through reception and across the court yard you’ll find a much more modern block of apartments. It is here that residents live, crossing the open courtyard to access each building. McCarthy and Stone, with whom we’ve built up a great relationship over the years, therefore wanted to bring together the dual architecture of Kenton Lodge. It was decided that a snaking link structure would be installed to marry both buildings.


Apropos provided a large glass and aluminium link-way which unites these buildings. The wide open courtyard offered the perfect setting for this structure. The courtyard can now be enjoyed in any weather! Our glazed link opens up onto sections of the courtyard where seating and socialising can take place, before continuing on to join the modern apartment building. Thanks to the use of complimentary grey powder coating, the structure blends easily with the contemporary apartments. Merging the two both functionally and aesthetically.


More than just a walkway though, together with McCarthy and Stone, who we worked alongside for this project, our Apropos design team engineered a DSCF5635glorious glass sun room to take centre stage. The sun room sits midway through the snaking walkway and is traditionally styled. This then mimics the grand entrance building behind it. Once fully furnished, the space will act as an alternative socialising area with great views of the courtyards beyond. It makes the perfect spot for catching up with friends or watching the world go by.


Great architecture evolves with time, and Kenton Lodge steps up to meet the demands of its residents each and every time. Apropos are proud to have created this latest piece in the puzzle for the lodge; linking two fabulous buildings together for life.

If you’d like to find out more about Kenton Lodge you can arrange a design consultation with one of our experts or get in touch right away.  

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