How to Enjoy Your Glass Design 365 Days of the Year

Published on 4th July 2019
It’s summertime! Well…British summertime.  Which can only mean one thing. Tropical heat one day followed by thunderstorms and clouds the next. So, with the weather being so unpredictable, we wanted to take this opportunity to show off a little about how our designs can handle any weather. Whether that’s rain in summer or a chilly winter…

The days of abandoning one’s conservatory, along with your flip flops, at the end of August, are far behind us. Now you can be comfortable in your glass structure every day of the year.


Our resident Sales Manager; Paul Schofield, is here to give you the insider info on why…

How efficient will my conservatory be?

“Apropos’ bespoke range of glass and aluminium structures have a far lower rate of heat loss than your average conservatory (and many extensions). Our U-Values stand at 1.59 which is the equivalent to an A rating. This means that if you remain energy efficient throughout the rest of your home, your conservatory will not leak heat during winter.”

When the climate is cooler, how do I ensure I get the most from my conservatory?

“Heat, and lots of it! Like any other room within your home your conservatory will need to be heated. Although our specialist glasses; which work to keep as much heat as possible inside (or out, during summer) and thermal break technology; which ensures the aluminium within your structure does not conduct the cold from the outer framework, will help to maintain a comfortable temperature, it is best to fit some form of heating into the area.

 If you are planning an independent form of heating, as opposed to continuing your homes central heating into the area, I recommend under floor heating. The benefits of this are unparalleled for use in glass and aluminium structures or extensions.”

What precautions are taken by Apropos to ensure my doors remain weather tight all year round?

 “Apropos uses the latest technology and engineering available. We ensure that our doors are some of the highest quality available on the market today. Meaning, unlike many of our competitors, our doors are as weather proof and airtight as your faithful French doors ever were.

 To ensure that no draughts find their way into your home we use specialist brush seals. The nullify wind and ensure your home remains cosy on even the harshest of winter evenings. We also employ compression gaskets to further keep your doors airtight.

 We also recommend that you design your doors with a 15mm down step to further help you avoid draughts. Whilst this down step will be invisible aesthetically, it will help to keep your doors weather tight. As well as deterring debris from accumulating along the runners.”

Will stand alone glass structures become superfluous throughout winter?

“Absolutely not; as with any Apropos structure you will need to arrange some under floor, or central, heating but your stand alone glass structure will be just as warm as the rest of your home all through winter.

The heat you pump into your glass extension or stand alone structure will not easily escape. Thanks once again to our specialist glasses and thermal break. Our thermal break acts to reduce the heat loss caused by the metal on the outer area of your conservatory.”

For more information on designing your bespoke Apropos structure please click here and arrange your free, no obligation, design consultation or, to speak with someone directly, please call; 0161 342 8200.
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