Go Garden Glamping!

Published on 18th July 2019
Glamorous camping. It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? While camping is undoubtedly fun in the right conditions, most of the time the cramped living space, the grime and the bathroom facilities tend to detract from any thoughts of glamour.

Filling your days with lots of activities is a good way to keep the kids busy throughout the school holidays though. So, what do you do? Compromise on the luxury villa for a 4 man tent in the lakes instead?

Why not look closer to home?

Even a trip to the bottom of the garden can lead to excitement and adventure when done right. Forget about the mouldy old tent in the loft. Don’t even think about the 4 hour drive cooped up with the kids. Your summer holidays just got a whole lot simpler. With an Apropos garden room at your disposal, the glamour is yours for the making.

Apropos garden rooms are a take on our bespoke conservatory or glass extension. They can be used in any way you like and designed to meet that need. Thanks to our bespoke nature, we can provide a structure of exactly the right shape and style for you…and the kids.

So, whether that’s a fort for the kids to go garden glamping in, a retreat for you or a space for the whole family to spend the summer holidays together…an Apropos garden room is the answer. You’ll get a new space to enjoy for many years to come…and you can finally ditch that old tent!

Get in touch with us today to turn your dreams of a garden retreat into a reality. Call us on 0161 342 8206 or arrange a design consultation here. 
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