The Rise Of The Domestic Atrium

Published on 30th July 2019
The architectural atrium was developed in Italy – like so many stunning things. So it stands to reason that atria are often lorded as the gleaming, sparkling architectural star of a building. More and more though, we’re seeing homeowners embarking on atria of their very own. An atrium can form the heart of a home, introduce light throughout and create add some serious kerb appeal.

Like everything else we do, our atria are completely bespoke. Constructed from aluminium and a range of clever glazing options, an Apropos atrium will deliver low-maintenance, long-lasting strength and durability. All wrapped up in a design that will complement and enhance your home. Bringing an unmistakable touch of class, a bespoke atrium is a great way to go if you’re looking to extend.

Atria can be used in the home in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the ways our customers have put theirs to glorious use:
  • Two storey link ways are a great way to unite disparate parts of your home. This can be particularly useful in double-fronted Edwardian properties with large central recesses.
  • An attractive, light-filled entryway to enhance both the outer and inner aspects of your home.
  • A  luminous light-well to augment and open up the staircase, or centre of your home, onto nature.
  • A gorgeous glazed extension bringing additional light and height to your home, which can be put to any purpose you wish.

Thanks to their impressive height, atria are one of the most flexible glazed extensions you can add to your home. The wide glazed panelling can act as a vast picture window, while the roof of an atrium acts as a window on the sky. All of this bringing a feeling of expansiveness to even the most modest of spaces. Rather than being the austere or ostentatious structure often associated with commercial properties, an atrium can become a place to bask, to enjoy family life and feel at home.

In short, an atrium can make the most ordinary of homes distinctive, adding value and charm on every conceivable level. If you’ve been considering a glass extension for a while, why not take things up a storey?

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