The Home Hub (and why we all need one)

Published on 20th June 2019
As our lives grow around us, so too must our homes. The home is a base, somewhere to hang your hat…or your laptop, at the end of a long day. Which is why the lay out of any home is just as important as that of the office. Whilst companies spend millions making the perfect environment for productivity though, we rarely give our homes the same treatment.


So what do you want from your home?

Many of us just want to spend some time with family, doing nothing in particular…but doing it together. The rise of technology though, has paradoxically turned us into a society of antisocialites. With ever more demanding schedules making connecting with each other face to face a thing of the past. The more our homes expand, the more space we have to lose each other in. With family member scattered throughout the house, staring at one screen or another.

Wouldn’t it be better, if we could create a space in which the whole household could come together? Somewhere to enjoy each other’s company whilst still getting on with your own thing? A space where the family can meet to enjoy a comfortable silence or hash out the day’s events. Kids can do their homework or browse the web whilst parents relax with a glass of vino. Or, more likely, get on with their second shifts at home! Having company though, lightens any task. Especially when that company is the lesser spotted teenager.

Well…we’ve got the perfect solution! At Apropos we’ve created quite a lot of them in fact. If you’re one of our regular blog readers, you’ve probably heard us using the term home hub before. Our home hubs come in all different shapes and sizes. Everything we do here is bespoke, after all. The one thing they all have in common though? Their ability to change the way you use your home and bring families together.

You’ll find it surprising how easily a simple change of layout can change the way your whole family interacts at home. Big companies wouldn’t splash so much cash on the idea, if there wasn’t something in it. Architecture can work for you or against you. So if you’ve been battling the layout of your home for a while now, consider switching things up.

Design your own, bespoke home hub to meet your families needs and bring you together. Build it and they will come, we promise.

Request a design consultation with one of our experts to discuss creating a home hub for your family or download your free copy of our new e-brochure here.
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