Conservatories; they’re in the culture

Published on 27th June 2019
Conservatories have been a very British phenomenon ever since the building of The Crystal Palace in London. Way back when old Queen Vic still sat on the throne, and British innovation was at its height.

No need for planning permission for this little beauty!

The Crystal Palace was, and still is, a marvel of engineering. Large enough to allow carriages to journey through and tons of people to gather. A little large, perhaps, for domestic enjoyment.

After a few more clever innovations by our very own forefather; Vincent Hartley, though the design was scaled down. This resulted in a glass and aluminium system which was durable, beautiful and ideal for private homes. It took a while for conservatories to enter the public consciousness; but once they made it there, there they stayed.

So today, we’d like to talk about the cultural phenomenon that is the modern conservatory. First appearing on shows such as Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces, they take the innovation of Hartley to a whole new level. Apropos have played a leading role in rehabilitating the space for everyday use. We’ve honed the craft of our forefathers and never stopped striving for contemporary ideas and designs.

We use our knowledge to create kitchen and dining extensions, bespoke designs that adorn penthouse apartments, and glazed building big and small!Apropos Barton 0217

Conservatories have always been a part of our culture. Whether we’re marvelling at the engineering know how they present or moaning about the heat in our white uPVC boxes. The modern conservatory has changed the game though. Thanks again to shows such as Grand Designs, we’re finally ready to embrace bespoke glass and aluminium spaces.

It’s clear to see that the conservatory is a hot talking point for many home owners. We’re a country that has always, and will always, love the conservatory. From the first celebrations upon the opening of The Crystal Palace to your first glass of fizz in your very own contemporary conservatory.

If you’re looking to get started on your own modern conservatory, why not download our buying guide?

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