Looking Glass: Extensions That Reflect You

Published on 30th May 2019


It’s commonly held that many dogs resemble their owners. Psychologists have even revealed that far from being just a bit of fun, this is one maxim that actually holds some truth. It’s a similar inclination that urges us all to make our homes our own. We all want to live in spaces that reflect us and we use architecture and interior design to do so.

Extending a property is a very personal project. Which is why all of Apropos structures are entirely bespoke. We’re able to create glazed extensions that fully reflect our customer’s needs, wants and personalities.

As with any piece of architecture, your home should be built with both form and function in mind. Every aspect of the design must serve both your style needs and the way in which you want to use the space available to you.

Our bespoke nature lends itself perfectly to this. With each and every aspect of your extension designed and manufactured for you and you alone. Whilst we offer a range of structure styles, our system allows for limitless possibilities for your glass extension. Simply think of our range as a spring board for your ideas.

Here are a few popular glass extension styles to get you started:
  •  Lean To Conservatory
  • Reverse Lean To Conservatory
  • Orangery
  • Atrium
  • Linking Extension
  • Kitchen Extension
  • Garden Room
  • Pool House

Apropos frames are made from strong, durable aluminium, which means that we can achieve slimmer sight lines than our competitors who work with wood or uPVC. Our structures are unobtrusive yet striking. Framing nature whilst bringing an uplifting, modern aesthetic to your home. Cutting edge and future proof, aluminium offers clean, minimalist lines whilst subtly updating the interior, and exterior, of your home.

We offer polyester powder coating, so you can choose a shade of frame to suit your particular style. As well as our bespoke service which aims to reflect you and the way in which you envisage using your new space.

Call Apropos on 0800 328 0033 to see if we could help to make your home a reflection of you. 

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