5 Reasons Apropos Can Help You Work From Home

Published on 9th May 2019
The Office of National Statistics has stated that the number of self-employed people in the UK is at its highest since records began. With more than 15% of workers finding new ways to earn a living, you’ll now find people hard at work…at home.

All told, the number of those working from home is around 4.2 million people. That’s an awful lot of productivity boosting space to find!

Working from home comes with plenty of benefits. Your hours are more flexible, your days more your own and you’ll cut down on costs, as well as the usual commute.  There can be drawbacks though. Lines between home and work can blur in less positive ways.

The solution? Set firm boundaries for yourself and others. Create your own, at home, work environment and tell anyone who calls for a cuppa’, a mid-afternoon favour or a catch up that you’re at work. With a dedicated space for working, you’ll find standing firm on this far easier.

How Can Apropos Help You Work from Home?

  1. Every space we create here at Apropos, is entirely bespoke.  Your new working environment, therefore, will be designed to suit your precise needs. We’ll accommodate all of your work requirements, while cleverly maximising the space available.
  2. An Apropos extension, come HQ, can be used for almost any profession. With the right planning, you can create a minimalist yoga studio, modern home office, or even a bake station. Whatever you’re working hard on, a glass and aluminium extension will house it perfectly.
  3. Work-life balance is key when working from home. By creating a space at home specifically for your work, you’ll get all the convenience of working from home without blurred lines.
  4. Similarly, a specific place to work from at home provides barriers – both physical and mental. Having a door to lock between home and work, may seem simple, but it does wonders for the psyche; helping you to move smoothly from work to home mode.
  5. Studies show that work spaces that inspire increase productivity. Working within a stunning glass and aluminium structure, designed specifically for you then, makes the perfect fit.

All in all, an apropos glass and aluminium extension makes a wonderful place to be. Whether yours is intended for work or play! Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and arrange a consultation with your local Apropos designer.

Click here to arrange your consultation or call us on 0161 342 8206 to discuss things further. 

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