10 Reasons NOT To DIY

Published on 16th May 2019
At Apropos we take pride in what we do.  So we can understand the lure of home improvement and the satisfaction that can come with creating something new. For more than fifty years we’ve worked to fashion the very best in form and function. Beautifully bespoke, precision engineered, glass buildings that deliver on every level.

We’re experts at what we do. We’ve been doing it for decades, so we know exactly what we’re doing. When it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke conservatories or extensions, we’re your guys. It might be DIY season, but we firmly believe, that when it comes to extending your home, you should seek expert advice.

Some people might be able to complete a DIY conservatory job at home. Most won’t though, it’ll leak, or never get finished, fall apart in the wind or wind up looking a little lop sided. If finished, it won’t have the durability and style of a hand crafted structure such as an Apropos. Your big dreams could lead to big disappointments.

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Still not convinced?We’ve put together a list of reasons why DIYing should stay off the table, when it comes to manifesting your glass extension.

  • Design – Transforming an imaginative figment into a functional construction can be more difficult than you might think. Do you have the skills?
  • Planning – It’s easy to underestimate a job. It’s not so easy to pick up the pieces when you find yourself short of time, short of funds and short of a workable plan.
  • Admin – Large projects need planning permission. A professional company can guide you through the pratfalls, ensuring that you have the permits you need at every step of the way.
  • Preparation– It sounds simple, but inadequate preparation of the job site can result in damaged materials and a shoddy or unsafe finish.
  • Knowledge – We all learn from experience, but it’s perhaps best not to gain that experience by making expensive mistakes in your own home!
  • Budgeting – It’s easy to forget how the little things add up, and nothing can slow a project like running out of money.
  • Tools – While DIY may seem a more affordable option, if you lack the right tools for the job your progress will be slow and your finish inadequate at best, dangerous at worst.
  • Skimping – Cutting back on materials is not a good way to cut back on cash. Goods are priced according to their worth and while bargains beckon they usually come back and bite you later.
  • Understanding limitations – A can-do attitude can take you places, but when working beyond your means you’re taking unnecessary risks, not just with your project and your home, but potentially with your health.
  • Safety first! – Nothing is worth risking the safety of you or your family, so if in doubt… Don’t do it yourself.
So, save yourself the hassle and get in touch with Apropos today; book a free design consultation or download your copy of the online brochure.


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