Conservatory Season Is Here!

Published on 18th April 2019
Spring is here and with it comes the conservatory season! Finally you get a chance to enjoy the extra space in your home, blur boundaries between inside and out and fling open those sliding doors. Of course, everyone knows that conservatories are just for summer…but is that really the case?

Contemporary glass extension

Our structures, are far more than just conservatories. They’ve started quite the debate on Facebook, in fact. Glass extension or conservatory? Either way our designs are lifestyle enhancers, peace and quiet givers and much needed space creators. Their uses extend far beyond just the conservatory season, they’re whole new rooms in your home, built for you to enjoy in all seasons.

When these warmer months roll around, our glass and aluminium structures become the ideal place to enjoy lazy sun filled days. At this point, we’d have to agree with those firmly in the conservatories camp over on Facebook. A conservatory makes an excellent place to relax with a glass of wine or two or a quiet spot of lunch on weekends. A conservatory too, is traditionally used throughout spring and summer as a hybrid space both in and out of the main home.

Our conservatories, or glass extensions, though are far more versatile than this. Not only do our glass and aluminium structures look nothing like the traditional off the peg conservatory, they also behave a little differently. Whilst they come into their own during spring and summer, they can be used year round. Conservatory season may be a spring summer affair, but an Apropos glass extension will keep you cosy all year.

So, during the coming summer months, you’ll stay cool, calm and collected as you enjoy your modern conservatory, complete with solar control glazing to keep out the worst of the heat. When winter rolls back around, your glass extension’s thermal insulation will kick in to keep heat in, making temperatures just as ambient as elsewhere in the home.

Spring and summer are certainly the best times to start considering your new conservatory. A bespoke glass extension by Apropos though? That’ll last a lifetime, and keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

Is It A Glass Extension or A Conservatory?

At Apropos every single conservatory, orangery, garden room and glass extension we design and manufacture is bespoke. Which is why naming them can be such a tricky topic. They’re tailor made around you and your home, though, so you can call yours whatever you like!

Download our buying guide to find out more about our range of glass and aluminium structures, and find out which is right for you, or get in touch to discuss things in more detail.

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