Living The Dream In A Glass Extension

Published on 28th March 2019
It’s said that ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.  These days though, it would take a pretty large stone to do any more damage than scratch the glazing. Thanks to the tough and durable qualities of the glass used in all of Apropos’ contemporary glass extensions.
Atrium 2

The height of an atrium allows light to flood in from all angles and gives great views up above.

Our bespoke glass extensions are of the highest quality; built to survive the rigours of modern, family life and the extremes of British weather. We adhere, and often exceed, to tough British standards; achieving some of the best energy and efficiency ratings on the market!

Apropos’ glass houses are perfect examples of urbane, residential and robust architecture.

So what is a bespoke glass extension?

Traditionally a glass house, or a conservatory, was a free-standing structure. Used by the Victorians to house prized plants during the winter months, they were the top of the Mercedes Benz of their day. Within a little time though, conservatories became an architectural feature of properties large and small. Morphing into the glass extension we know today, they began to house growing families, rather than plants.

Today, glass extensions and conservatories, come in all shapes and sizes. At Apropos every one of our designs is bespoke, made entirely to your spec, although we do categorise our glass extensions. This gives you somewhere to start, when deciding which conservatory, or glass extension, style is for you.

Here are our most popular design styles:

The style and size of your bespoke extensions, will vary according to your needs and your home. If tradition is your thing, we can build a free-standing structure or else add more space to your home with a modern glass extension.

We always take your aspirations and intentions as a starting point in any design. Our experts then offer design advice and put together a plan that works both structurally and aesthetically for you.

So, whilst people in glass houses were once warned not to throw stones, nowadays people living in glass houses are living the dream. Glass extensions are a contemporary choice and Grand Designs-style living ever more popular

For further details on the glass houses designed and created by Apropos please download our online brochure here.  Or you can call our team on 0880 328 0033 to discuss your plans.
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