New Beginnings: What to expect when you’re expecting an Apropos Conservatory

Published on 21st March 2019
Spring is here at last. Bringing new beginnings and fresh starts.  As new life appears all around in nature, thoughts turn to new projects. So, as Easter approaches it’s full speed ahead for DIY, gardening, self and home improvement.

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If home improvement is on your agenda for spring you have a pretty exciting time ahead. Planning, problem solving, designing, constructing, primping and preening.

Building work of any kind has a reputation for inducing headaches. At Apropos, though, we find the simplest way towards a stress-free construction is to keep our clients in the loop. If you know what to expect every step of the way, it’s easier all round .

So, here’s is what you can expect when you’re expecting an Apropos conservatory:

The most important thing for us is that you get exactly what you want. So, the first step is a design consultation with your local expert. Whether you have existing architectural drawings, a rough idea, or just need a change, we’ll visit your home to discuss your options and measure up.


After the first meeting we’ll go away and work on some ideas, creating a number of plans for you to choose from. We’ll then present these plans for you as 3D designs so you can properly visualise your design in situ. We can edit this design to further meet your spec and discuss your perfect finish at this point.

Site Survey

Once  we have your final design, we’ll send in the surveyors. They will ensure we have the precise measurements we need. Guaranteeing that your conservatory construction will be seamless.


Should you need planning permission, we’re happy to handle this. We’ll draw up planning documents and submit these to your local authority.


With the survey done and planning permission in place, we’ll furnish you with a final set of technical drawings. These allow your builder to understand the preparation needed and further check any dimensions.

Building Works

While we’re casting your aluminium frames and forming your chosen glass, we’ll also liaise with your contractor. We’ll be there to advise to avoid any delays in construction.


We may first dummy build the frame of your structure in our warehouse before delivering it to site. When we’re happy that everything is as it should be, our construction experts will complete the installation on your property.

Make it Yours

This next bit is down to you: fill it with plants, install a hammock, relocate your office, or just sit in a deckchair and enjoy the view. Once built, your Apropos conservatory will last as long a lifetime, so you’ve plenty of time to make it yours!

To start planning your new Apropos Conservatory you can call us on 0800 348 0033 or request your free, no obligation, design consultation here.
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