Make A Splash With An Apropos Pool House!

Published on 21st February 2019
It’s said to be the hottest February on record, so we can’t help but look ahead to spring and summer. Of course. no summer would be complete without a splash in the pool! Even with hotter weather than ever though, UK meteorologists can’t promise clear skies all summer long. So, why not consider housing that glorious pool, in a gorgeous glass pool house?

A modern pool house can be used all-year, proving it’s worth far beyond spring and summer. When the weather warms up, bi-folding or sliding doors allow you to open up your pool house. This way, you’ll get to enjoy both indoor and outdoor pool side fun. Just imagine the pool parties you can host, without fear of interference from the weather.

The Apropos Glass used to construct this pool house not only protects it from the British Weather but also adds a rather grandiose feeling to the whole area.

During winter, pool houses provide homeowners with the opportunity to take a dip despite freezing temperatures outside. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy some family fun 12 months of the year.

A bespoke pool house from Apropos can take any shape or form. Your pool house will be created around you…and your pool! If you’ve got a particular view you’d like to highlight, sections you need to open up or a way in mind to link the room with your property, we can incorporate everything you need.

Pool houses will also usually incorporate roof lights, or else boast a fully glazed roof through which you can gaze upon the skies beyond.

Pool houses even assist homeowners in staying fit and healthy; actively encouraging families to take exercise. By providing the perfect environment for both recreation and fitness. Children grow up nurtured in the full-time use of the pool house and the swimming pool it contains, benefiting their health for the rest of their lives.

So consider the benefits of a pool house, and allow Apropos to create the pool house of your dreams – get in touch today!
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