A Cosy Christmas with Apropos

Published on 13th December 2018
During Christmas time, we’d happily hazard a guess that conservatories, orangeries and glass extensions are far from the first thing on your mind. There is Christmas shopping to be done, wine to be mulled (and drank), gifts to be wrap, turkeys to stuff, and not a whole lot of head space left over for anything else.


With all this going on though, it’s nice to have a space in your home in which to retreat and relax. Conservatories aren’t often thought of as cosy, no doubt thanks to their early incarnations as cold, draft filled structures with no style, and even less substance. Far from an idyllic place to spend a winter’s afternoon, these earlier structures were tacked onto the back of homes up and down the country with little thought for how they’d actually be used.

Fast forward to 2016 and these preconceived notions still plague the conservatories of today – despite the leaps and bounds with which the quality of glass extensions has increased over time. You can check out our tongue in cheek look at that phenomenon here. At Apropos, We’re now confident in saying that our conservatories can provide a cosy hideaway in any home. And since cosy can mean different things to different people, our bespoke design service means that we’ll work around you to achieve the ultimate relaxation space for your property.

So, why do we think the conservatories, orangeries and glass extensions are so well suited to a cosy Christmas?
  • The contrast between the cold, wet and windy world just outside your orangery and the safe, snug environment within amplifies feelings of warmth and comfort. You can watch the winds howl, and relax luxuriously, mere millimetres away from the storm.
  • Conservatories and other glazed extensions very rarely containing televisions and other modern technologies, which when present can steal your attention away from the moment. When these distractions are removed, it’s far easier to access feelings of contentment and create some Danish hygge in your home.
  • The play of Christmas lights or simply your usual lamps and candles around a glazed room, create the perfect ambience for a cosy evening in your conservatory. This works wonders for your well-being after dark winters days spent staring at brightly lit screens or under too bright synthetic lighting as you rush around overcrowded supermarkets.

If you’re now dreaming of a glazed Christmas in a cosy conservatory, we’re afraid it’s a little late for Christmas delivery. All our designs are manufactured to order at our Manchester based factory, which means you might have to wait until next year to enjoy the delights of a modern conservatory over the festive period. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for a cosy Christmas now!

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