Winter Warmers

Published on 15th November 2018
As the nights draw in around us and the days become shorter it’s always nice to know there’s a cosy spot waiting when the day is done. If you were to ask us here at Apropos, we’d tell you that there’s no better place the comfort of a bespoke Apropos conservatory, orangery or extension. Then again…of course we would!

You’re probably under the impression that there’s only so much a glazed extension, conservatory room or modern orangery can bring to the table during the winter months. Bear with us though, and you’ll soon see much more!

There’s something about the seasonal changes of autumn and winter, taking place beyond our windows, which make glazed buildings magical. Snug inside your sanctuary, perfectly protected by thermally efficient glass and aluminium, you can watch the world go by – without the winter winds and cold night air hurrying you along.

What’s more, during the colder months we often loose contact with the great outdoors. This affects our happiness and well being. We all know what it feels like to get a case of the winter blues! For others, the lack of sunlight in the UK, from September through to February, can lead to seasonally related depression. According to the NHS, in fact, this type of disorder is thought to effect up to 1 in 15 people in the UK alone.

However, the popularity of structural glazing can go some way to combat that! Maximising the amount of light entering your home during winter to help maintain a healthy mind set.

And if all that’s not enough to show you the benefits of your glass extension, bespoke conservatory or contemporary orangery, we have one last winter warmer for you. Remember earlier on, we mentioned you comfortably snug in your glazed sanctuary? Well, a bespoke apropos structure remains warm and cosy throughout winter thanks to top energy efficiency ratings and thermal properties. All of which make our structures both wonderful for winter and extremely environmentally friendly.

So, whilst you sit snug as a bug, warm within your world-saving, positivity-bringing, nature-watching glass and aluminium structure of dreams, spare a thought for the non-believers won’t you?

If we’ve helped you see the light, start planning your project now with the help of our expert design team. Just click here. 

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