Glass Extensions: Debunking a Myth

Published on 22nd November 2018
Apropos’ glass and aluminium structures are super thermal and energy efficient (despite what you might read in the Facebook comments sections of our ads). Putting those ‘expert’ opinions aside for the moment, we’re looking into the myriad techniques we use to keep you toasty in winter and cool, calm and collected throughout summer.

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Conforming to (and oft times beating) the highest regulatory thermal and energy efficiency standards, our structures are a great addition to your home. Apropos’ aluminium conservatories offer thermal efficiency to rival most alternative building materials.

It’s simply no longer true that a glass extension means sacrificing the thermal efficiency of your home, or the enjoyment of your conservatory extension year round. Whatever Tony from Hull* has to say via Facebook.

So, what does this mean for the homeowner?

It means that during warm weather, temperature will be regulated and during cold weather, your bespoke conservatory will retain heat. Simply put, your new space will work like every other well insulated section of your home. You could even find an Apropos extension brings down the overall thermal loss of your property.

This wasn’t always the case with conservatories of old, particularly those built from uPVC. In winter months they could be extremely chilly places, shut off from the rest of the home with bulky doors. So, Tony does have some basis for his continued assertion that “it’ll be like a ruddy freezer come winter!” but it’s wildly out of date and, even then, pertains mainly to dodgy uPVC builds.

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On the contrary, Apropos’ beautifully bespoke conservatories are a welcoming space for occupants, whatever the weather outside. Modern conservatories can even be cosy places, fully-integrated into properties. Thanks to their ability to retain heat during cold weather and keep homes warm.

So, whilst aluminium conservatories can be used solely as sun-rooms or greenhouses during the summer months, they also make wonderful living rooms, dining rooms or kitchen extensions all-year around. Which is why Tony’s second favorite comment – a persistent correction of ‘glass extensions’ to ‘conservatory’s’ or ‘lean too conservatorys’ is…well, also wrong (and we don’t just mean grammatically).

They’re glass extensions because they offer everything a traditional brick extension would, with the added bonus of modern design, clean lines and an abundance of natural light.  The conservatory has evolved into a thing of beauty and is now an integral part of the home.

Thanks to the cutting-edge design and engineering that Apropos puts into the manufacture of all of bespoke glass and aluminium structures, they certainly are the future of home extension design. Although, perhaps not for Tony.

For inspiration and insights download our online brochure, or book a free design consultation to discuss your ideas with one of our experts.

*Tony from Hull is, of course, a fictional character created from the amalgamation of many Facebook comments on these topics. Any resemblance to real life persons is entirely coincidental. Facebook comments assigned to Tony have been curated from multiple sources.  

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