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Published on 8th November 2018
Not so long ago, a greenhouse was the most exciting glass structure that most people would come across.  Some might say it’s the Kevin McCloud effect. Others, the advancement of technology. At Apropos, we like to put it down to simple good taste and attainable quality. Either way, there is no denying that glass extensions are very much in vogue.

From conservatories and verandas to bespoke orangeries and full-height atria. With so many homeowners adorning their dwellings with beautiful designs of glass, bricks and mortar are beginning to appear positively gauche. So, what is the basis of the glass extension’s invigorated appeal?

Glass wall inserts and folding-sliding doors can transform a gloomy room into a welcoming and airy space. A glass extension, on the other hand, not only increases the functional space of a building, but allows light to flood in to the rest of the house. So, with one small addition your whole lifestyle can change.

Although conservatories have always been popular in certain seasons, it is only with relatively recent advances that large-scale glass extensions have become both an affordable and practical option. Glass may not be the most thermally efficient material, but with the high performance coatings now available, at Apropos we can make sure that your kitchen extension is much more than just an attractive show room.

While self-cleaning windows and walls that switch from clear to opaque sometimes smack of gimmickry (they are fabulous though!), it’s Solar Control that has had the real impact. With a toughened inner and outer pane, Solar Control glass reduces heat transmission by an impressive 65%. This means that your glass extension will not just stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but that you won’t need to spend a fortune on heating and air-conditioning to achieve it.

Apropos aluminium frames don’t just look good either; they are strong, lightweight and highly durable. They are corrosion and fire-resistant. They can be formed into many shapes, ideal for bespoke designs that reach to the rafters, or cocoon around a property. They are made from the most abundant metal on earth. And, should the need ever arise, they are endlessly recyclable, meaning that they are not only stunningly attractive and eminently functional, but also among the most eco-friendly buildings produced today.

This improvement in available materials has also led to a flexibility in design. From a sloping single-storey structure to link the indoors with the out, to a curving glass walkway or a glorious light-infusing double-height atrium. If you can imagine it, we can make it…laws of gravity allowing!

It’s difficult to think of oneself as a trend-setter, when all that you do is bespoke, but with more and more people adding glass extensions to their homes, well, we’re willing to take on that mantle!

Request a design consultation today to see what our bespoke glass and aluminium structures can bring to your home. Just click here to get started. 

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