Winter Is Coming

Published on 13th September 2018
Game of Thrones might be far more fantastical than our mundane reality, but one thing’s for certain; winter is most definitely coming. The sun has set on the summer and with autumn now in the air, it’s time we started preparing for the colder bought of weather headed our way.

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Luckily, there’ll be no white walkers to contend with, but even so the British winters can be harsh – on ourselves, our homes and our gardens. As dark nights approach many of us begin getting ready to go into a sort of hibernation, with lots of warm sweaters and steamy mugs of hot chocolate, mulled wine and the unavoidable pumpkin spiced latte. However, before you head into your home for good, it’s well worth giving some thought to your garden.

During summer, the garden comes alive as an extended part of the home; a place full of the beauty of nature. The perfect place for lazing away long summer days. When winter rolls around though, our gardens can often be neglected. The outdoors is no longer a desirable place to spend your time and with very little able to bloom during the winter weather, it’s no wonder we tend to pack up our trowels and give it all up for lost.

That being said, there are still some things you can do to ensure that your garden is as well prepared for winter as you are. Not only that, but by getting a jump on things now, you’ll give yourself a much easier task when you come to replant, prune and sow when your green fingers start to itch again next summer. For very little effort now, you can, in fact, save yourself a lot of hard work when you get back out there into the garden.

To help you get the most out of your garden next year, and give it the best possible chance of getting through the cold snows and rough storms of winter, we’ve put together a short guide to winterising your home and garden. Luckily for us, our winters last a standard amount of time, so whilst the inhabitants of westeros are unlikely to know when their snow blurred skies will clear, we Brit’s have a pretty good idea. And with that in mind, we can bumble through our relatively short winter, safe in the knowledge that spring is on its way. Our gardens too, brighten back up in Spring and it’s well worth our time to give them a helping hand now.

Get your free copy of our Winterising Your Garden Guide here and don’t forget to let us know how you got on!


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