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Published on 23rd August 2018
At Apropos we’ve long been known for the quality of our designs and structures. It is important to us that your garden room, whatever it is used for, delivers exactly what you expected of it. Not just in the days and weeks following construction, but in the long term. While the original French ateliers were originally rather haphazard, lean-to structures which constantly evolved in form and function, modern life calls for something a little more stable and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver just that.


Our garden studios are entirely customisable, beautifully crafted and eminently durable. While a large part of that is due to design, technology, knowledge and experience, high quality materials are also key. Which is why we use only the very best to create our unique garden studio designs. Sustainably sourced oak is a large part of that.

Timber is, without doubt, one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. As well as being extraordinarily versatile and naturally renewable, there is something about the look, feel and smell of timber which is innately appealing. It’s the remarkable durability of oak, thought, that makes it immensely popular with both traditionalists and modernists. All of the oak used in an apropos garden studios is responsibly and sustainably sourced from internationally recognised organisations.

Key Features of Sustainable Timber Construction:
  • There is very little waste in timber manufacturing, as the by-products are usually used for energy generation in bio-mass power plants.
  • Timber construction is carbon-neutral.
  • For every tree felled in a sustainable oak forest, at least one sapling is planted to ensure the continued health of the landscape.
  • Every 1m³ of timber absorbs 1 tonne of CO2.
  • At the eventual end of your Atelier’s life (in the far distant future!), if the timber cannot be recycled it can be used as a renewable energy source.

We believe that our buildings can contribute positively to the environment, aesthetically and functionally, and we go to great length to minimise the negative impact of what we do. Sustainably sourced materials are just one of the reasons why our studios make such a beautiful, warm and welcoming addition to any home.

Find out more about our customisable range of garden buildings here and download the brochure today!

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