Make a Splash!

Published on 15th August 2018

Swimming pools are perhaps the most aspirational additions to the home. There’s just one problem…the Great British weather. After the summer we’ve had, you’d be forgiven for thinking an outdoor pool a great investment. We’ve had a spectacular summer, after all. Think about it a little longer though, and you’ll soon spot the flaw of logic – which is exactly where an Apropos Pool House can come into play.

While an outdoor pool, sitting unused for 50 weeks of the year, might seem a little silly, a swimming pool protected by a bespoke glass structure is a whole different ball game. You pool will be weather proofed, providing year-round shelter without blocking out the sky. The high performance coatings used on modern glazing means that with an Apropos pool house you need make no concessions.

The bespoke nature of all our products also means that you need not compromise on design. We can incorporate skylights, bi-folding or sliding doors and huge glass expanses into your design. If you’d like a little more privacy, consider switch glass or brick plinths to break up glazed sections. Whatever you need, Apropos will ensure that your new pool is perfectly housed.

Architecturally beautiful, sympathetic to your current property and hugely life-enhancing; an Apropos pool house can help your dreams become a reality, allowing you and your family to relax, play and exercise under the sun, under the stars, and even under the snow.

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