Bringing Design into the home

Published on 30th August 2018
Design with a capital D may sometimes seem pretentious. There’s something about it which easily alienates, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

In reality, Design is little more than a collection of statement pieces pulled together to create a cohesive whole.  It’s a great way to showcase your unique personality. Good aesthetic Design is unique to each and every one of us. So, bringing ‘it’ into the home is a fairly simple process – just do you!

It could take the form of a series of small touches that create a theme which runs throughout a room, or building. It could be one striking centrepiece which draws the eye and unites a room, or an architectural element which is as beautiful as it is useful.The main thing though, is that it works for you.

Design comes in many forms and holds the utmost importance in all we do here at Apropos. We put great store in the fact that our products are aesthetically pleasing and designed uniquely for each individual client. While an elegant glass veranda makes an eye-catching entryway and internal bi-folding doors can add structure and admit light to a home’s inner sanctum, though, there are smaller ways to bring in Design…

A Simple Start
Apropos Orangery Extension and Home Hub

A splash of hot pink furniture and some cleverly placed lighting give this Apropos Orangery “it”.

Colour is a key component in Design, adding interest and altering dimensions. It joins rooms and expresses the self. Just a simple colour change can turn a plain box into a sumptuous palace on an incredibly.

A feature fireplace can be the heart of any room, regardless of size, shape or function. Choosing a favourite theme – retro chic, highland fling, country cosy, industrial grime – and running with it will marry the rooms of a property together.

Bringing Design into the home may sound a little conceited, but we all do it in our own way.  It’s just that some of us give it more thought than others. If you open your mind and make a plan, Design can be fun. It’s what makes all our homes unique and wonderful after all, creating a true reflection of you.

Get in touch with our expert design team today to bring design into the home with an apropos glass extension. 

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