The Self Builders Dream

Published on 9th August 2018

For many, self building is the ultimate dream. That dream, though, isn’t just about crafting the perfect space. It’s also about making your mark on the world and leaving something behind.

For the vast majority, building your own home might feel like an unattainable dream. Something you’ll do when you win the lottery, or all your other dreams come true. It needn’t be such a daunting idea though. A design can still be special on a smaller scale.

At Apropos we offer bespoke designs, exquisite craftsmanship and the chance for our customers to create a unique space all of their own. Whether that’s on a small or large scale. In short, at Apropos, we offer architecture in glass for you to create a design that speaks to you.

Every Apropos glass extension, from the most humble skylight to larger scale new build projects, is developed with you, the individual, firmly in mind. Every single component of every single construction is custom manufactured, meaning that there no limitations on what we can do for you. This means that your self build dream, could self actualize far sooner than you thought.

New Build homes are a great excuse to inject some of your personality into their architecture.

New Build homes are a great excuse to inject some of your personality into your architecture.

If you’re lucky enough to be working on a completely new build, put us in touch with your architect or project manager. We’ll work with your existing team to make sure that you get the new glazed space you desire. Be it a simple glass extension or a grander installation of glazing, let apropos’ experts help get your plans off the ground

Whereas this period property has been injected with a hint of modernity thanks to the addition of a glazed link.

If you’d still improve than move, you can self build by turning the home you own into your dream abode. Internal walls can be replaced with Switch Glass to deliver both light and privacy on demand; a bespoke conservatory can increase your home’s footprint, giving you more useable space; roof lights can brighten dingy corners; Aproglide doors can invite the outside in. Whatever shape your dream home might be, Apropos can help you achieve it.

An Apropos project is never off-the-peg; it is never standard, or humdrum. We have a commitment to quality, originality, practicality and style, and we always build to last. Functionally beautiful as well as beautifully functional, an Apropos glass extension, old, new, small, or large is a timeless piece of architecture and a way for you to craft the perfect space, make your mark, create living artwork,  make a statement, and leave something behind. So if self building has always been your dream, why not get in touch with us today to find out how we can help bring it to life?

Arrange a design consultation today or download our online brochure here and start dreaming up your new home. 

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