Getting Started With A Home Improvement Project

Published on 5th July 2018
Taking on a home improvement project can be a daunting prospect. No matter how much you want it! The thought of planning and organising alone can leave you in need of a good lie down. Whether you are attempting a small repair or a complete overhaul, though, there are a number of steps that you can take to help smooth your path.

5 Ways to Take the Stress out of your Home Improvement Project

  1. Know what you want – It might sound obvious, but before you begin any renovation, you need to decide exactly what it is you want. Do you need more space in the kitchen? An influx of natural light throughout the home? Are you looking to create an open plan area? Whatever you and your home need, it’s worth pinning down your priorities. Once you know what you want to get out of your home improvement project, you can streamline these needs as you search for the perfect supplier.
  2. Research – Familiarising yourself with the different products available and checking out a fair few suppliers,is never a bad idea. Whether you’re going to do the work yourself or employ professionals, like Apropos, to help, you’ll want to know you’re getting top quality products and service. It can be tempting to just leap in, but that way lies delay, complication, excess cost and worry further down the line.
  3. Set a budget – It’s a well known trope of shows like Grand Designs, that all homeowners ten to to underestimate the budget they’ll need. So, start out realistically. Take into account planning fees, contractor fees and material costs, then give yourself a buffer for unexpected surprises. All being well, you’re expectation management will see your project come in under budget. Meaning you’ve got a little more to spend on those finishing touches.
  4. Permission impossible – Not all home renovations need planning permission, but it is essential that you check before you get started. Building without the necessary planning permits is just never a good idea. At Apropos we have a team of planning experts to take care of the legal requirements and handle the headache that is planning permission for you.  If you’re going it alone make sure that you adhere to proper safety regulations and the local authority planning remit. Resources from your local council will help get you started.
  5. Batten down the hatches! – This really all depends on the extent of the renovation work you’re undertaking. If it’s a big project consider staying with a relative and book your pets a holiday at the local kennels. If you’re staying at home, move the fridge to somewhere easily reached and stock up on microwave meals. For smaller projects declutter the work area before you start to avoid additional cleaning. Once again, by expecting the worst, you can enjoy be pleasantly surprised!

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