Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Published on 31st May 2018
Space! It’s a national epidemic. There just isn’t any more room! New builds are getting smaller and house prices for roomier dwellings are on the rise.

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You might find yourself in a situation where you suddenly seem to outgrow your home. Like Alice, upon first entering wonderland, legs and arms hoisted through windows, a humongous head evacuating through the fireplace and panic on all sides.

Okay, so perhaps that’s a little dramatic. Outgrowing your home, in a figurative sense though, is a genuine concern in the UK of today. Over time, family members or pets are added to your brood, life styles change and possessions are accumulated. All of this adds up, and before you know it you’re waking at 4AM to bag the bathroom and spending a small fortune of vacuum packing.

Should you move?

At this stage, even we have to admit that moving house seems like the most obvious option. You may find a property with a bigger living space and a larger garden. Somewhere to unpack the vacuum packs and spread out. Somewhere with more than one bathroom. After all, what have you got to lose?

Whilst moving home might seem like the answer to your prayers, though, it’s worth considering your other options. You could end up facing different problems at a new property…or find the old ones rearing their ugly heads again a few years in. On top of that, moving homes is one of the most stressful things you can do. Which is a statement softened none, by the current cost of buying a decent sized property in the UK.

Should you stay?

Which is, of course, where we come in! At Apropos we’re experts in creating brighter, lighter, larger spaces. By utilising dead space, marrying home with garden and innovations such as the domestic atrium, we can create more space in any property. Our designers are true experts in enlarging the home you enjoy, and future-proofing your new larger spaces.

The costs of a stunning home renovation to gain more space, could outweigh the costs of moving altogether. Likely even to increase the value of your current abode, should you ever consider selling further down the line. You’ll gain additional space to enjoy as well as the illusion of larger preexisting areas, thanks to the wealth of natural light a glass and aluminium design will bring into your property.

So, don’t stress yourself out with a move! Give the home you own a little new life and it will pay you back tenfold. Plus, you won’t have to tackle all of those unlabelled boxes gathering dust in the attic!

For more ideas on how to make the most of the home you already own, check out this short on-blog guide to gaining space, or download our Buying Guide to start planning your Apropos journey. 

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