How to create more space without moving

Published on 5th April 2018

Whether it’s your first or second house, you might find yourself in a situation where suddenly you realise you’ve outgrown your beloved home. Over time, your family may have increased (relatives or pets), you could be starting a home business and have outgrown your kitchen space, or, you might just find there’s not enough storage for your treasured belongings.

Move home or extend?

Moving house seems like the most obvious option – you may find a property with a bigger living space and a larger garden. Though, how much will it cost to move?

Improve don’t move

The costs of rejuvenating your home and extending could outweigh the costs of moving altogether. How many times have you said to yourself about clearing out those cupboards, or finally getting rid of any old furniture?

It’s amazing what a spring clean can do for your home – you could find moving the furniture around creates a more practical living space. You won’t know until you give it a go and who knows, it may even inspire you to make the most of the land available and extend outwards.

To help you decide what steps you need to take, we have summarised a few tips to help organise and improve your home with the property you currently live.

Re-evaluate your furniture

The size and style of your furniture can make a huge difference to the amount of space and storage you have available in your home. Multi-functional furniture, such as a coffee table that doubles up as a bookcase, can help make more space and reduce the pieces of furniture you have in each room.

Moving furniture into the centre of the room frees the walls to make more storage space. Though, you’ll find exposing the walls will in itself help rooms feel bigger.

Adding mirrors can add and reflect light back into the room so they also feel larger. Also, furniture that doesn’t sit directly on the floor can help make the room feel airy and spacious. Sofas and chairs that are raised with small legs can increase space rather than a sofa that is covered in a floor length skirt.

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We all have one, a draw where items go that we just don’t have a place for. It’s not long until this draw is full and we find ourselves looking for another space to dump things and forget about them. It’s time to stop and get rid of all unnecessary items that aren’t used anymore and don’t have a place in the home.

Build more storage

Staircases have loads of potential to create more space so it’s worth seeing if you can build into them, adding cupboards for extra storage space or opening this area up to make the room feel bigger.

Let’s go outside

Get more from your garden and have a look at using garden furniture to extend your living space outside. Does your garden reflect your style inside? Keeping your garden in prime condition will make a much more desirable living area to use throughout warmer and colder temperatures. Patio heaters make a great alfresco space and outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular – maybe it’s time to get that pizza oven built!

Contemporary glass extension

Extending your home

Another option to create more space in your home is to convert your decking or patio area into a room if you’re not keen on sitting outside in the great British summer.

A conservatory doesn’t have to be a cold space. Designing an extension to expand your living space is a smart way of investing in your current property, adding value and making the most of the social spaces you use most often.



There are various design options available, an extension can help add light to your home and create a warm, livable environment that offers more room for storage. If you love your garden, an extension can also help you get more out of your green space in the colder months. Clear glass walls will allow you to view your garden from the comfort of staying inside.

With the right lighting and furnishings, an extension is an excellent way of making more space without moving home, while keeping that cosy atmosphere you expect from the rooms you spend the most time in.

Check out our guide if you’re curious how much it costs to extend your home – it could be a lot cheaper than moving altogether.

If you’re wondering whether you need planning permission for your extension, use our planning permission calculator to answer a few simple questions so you can understand what could affect your plans to extend.

At Apropos, we design and build your new extension and take care of the planning process, saving you the hassle and stress of contacting your local planning authority.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your dream conservatory in more detail by requesting a design consultation here or calling the team on 0161 342 8206.

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