What’s the Deal with Planning Permission?

Published on 16th December 2017
Planning permission is a pain. There, we said it. Introduced back in the 17th century, it’s main aim was to prevent tumble down shacks and the squalor of the less affluent areas of town, affecting those better off. Today though, it has many aims: safety, preservation, conformity, social cohesion and many more, and all in all, it does help to ensure that our communities maintain good standards for living.


But, even so, on the individual level – it’s a right pain in the bum. At Apropos, we’re often asked about planning permission, and we’re happy to advise you on all it’s aspects. It’s the thing (other than waiting to win the lottery) which most puts people off, when looking to renovate their homes. But, should it?

With companies such as Apropos happy to offer advise, and even take on the head ache of acquiring planning permission for your build, should you choose to work with us, planning permission doesn’t have to stop your project in it’s tracks.

Even if you’ve applied once, and been knocked back, there are often plenty of ways your design can adapt, in order to eventually gain permission from the local council. So, don’t be put off by perceived mountains of paperwork. Talk to your local council, or give Apropos a call, and you may find that the whole process is actually simpler than you thought.

What’s more, our good friends over at Property Price Advice have spoken to our experts for you. They then put together the top ten things you need to know, before embarking on a planning application. Remember, we’ll happily handle this for you, but knowledge is king – and it’s best to have a rudimentary knowledge of planning law all the same. Head over there now to find out more.

If you’re after more specific information on your intended project, stay tuned. In the new year we’ll be bringing you our Planning Permission Calculator, enabling you to get a good idea of how your application will fare (if permission is needed at all), whether handled by us or yourself, before applying to the council.

In the meantime, to discuss your plans with our experts, you can call the team on 0161 342 8206 or request a consultation by clicking here.

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