The A-Z of Apropos Outdoor Living: Part 2

Published on 22nd November 2017
As we all know the alphabet goes right from A-Z – and do does the A-Z of Apropos Outdoor Living. So, this week we’re bringing you the part we like to call 2! If you missed last week’s instalment, you can find it here.

Veranda 4

N – is for late Nights out in the garden, under the stars.

O – is for the cultural phenomenon that is Outdoor Living.

P – is for how very Popular outdoor living has become across Europe and the UK!

Q – is for Quiet contemplation in the tranquillity of your own back yard. Nothing really beats your personal space after all, and not having to hot tail it inside if the weather changes is a real blessing.

R – is for the Rain, creating a gentle pitter patter on your glazed veranda as it’s drained helpfully away from you and your guests.

S – is for the Stylish, modern lines of all of our glazed verandas, canopies and garden rooms.

T – is for our Toughened Glass which prevents shattering, keeping you safe and sound – as well as making for a sturdy and durable outdoor structure.

U – is for your old Umbrella, which you can chuck away in celebration.

V – is for how Very dynamic  Apropos Outdoor Living’s range of solutions is. Whether you want a fully enclosed space,  a simple outdoor shelter or something entirely bespoke, speak to us.

W – is for the Weather Resistant  solutions offered by all of our products.

X – is for being able to create your own Xeric spot, even in the midst of a downpour.

Y – is for Yes Please. The obvious answer to ‘do you want to make the most of your garden?’

Z – is for how Zealous we are about getting the whole of the UK outdoors and enjoying their gardens, whatever the weather!

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about Apropos Outdoor Living, in alphabetical order. Now, for a more thorough impression of our brand new offering, head over to our brand new sister site by clicking here.

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