Conservatory Extensions: Cosier Than You Think

Published on 29th November 2017
A cosy conservatory. Who would have thought it possible? If, rather, you think that’s a sentence bordering on the oxymoron-ic then bear with us. We’re about to show you just why the modern conservatory could easily become the cosiest spot in your home!


It’s winter. It’s cold and it’s miserable outside. Rush hour makes for icy mornings on the road, and dark nights stuck in stand still traffic. The main thing on all our minds is getting back home and getting cosy.

Conservatories, traditionally seen as strictly the domain of summertime, can often be neglected throughout winter. With modern innovations in thermal efficiency, glass technology and design though, there is no need to shut up your conservatory for the colder half of the year.

Here are just a few ways those modern innovations make all the difference:

  • Argon Filled Glass Panes help to prevent condensation. This leaves you with a crystal clear view of your winter garden. Made all the better by being cosy inside your conservatory extension as you take it in.
  • Solar Controlled Glazing changes tack during winter. Now working to help insulate your conservatory extension and keep the temperature regulated.
  • Thermally Broken Aluminium Extrusions prevent heat transfer from indoor to out and outdoor to in. Therefore, you won’t lose your precious heat through the frameworks, and the cold outside can’t touch you within.
  • Strong Durable Aluminium Frameworks keep your conservatory weather tight, even in the wildest of storms.
  • Brick Plinths and Walls can be incorporated into your design. As brickwork hoards and retains heat, you’ll the benefits of further heat retention to keep your modern conservatory extension cosy.
  • Underfloor or Additional Heating can also be incorporated into the design of your conservatory extensions. This luxurious addition will make for an even cosier space – be warned, you may never want to leave!

Then all it takes are a few finishing touches from you! Subtle, mood lighting – think flickering candle flames and twinkling string lights – some softening upholstery and throws, hot chocolates all round and you’ll have the cosiest spot on the whole street to head home to.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your dream conservatory in more detail by requesting a design consultation here or calling the team on 0161 342 8206.

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