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Published on 8th November 2017
It’s not surprising that one of the most frequently asked questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages is how much will it cost? In order to efficiently plan for a new conservatory or extension you’ll need some idea of the overall budget, after all. Being bespoke though, means it’s not always easy for us to provide exact costings and off the peg quotations.

Each and every one of our modern glass and aluminium conservatories is entirely bespoke. Custom made to the exacting design specifications for each of our clients and manufactured as a total one off. No two conservatories we build, will be entirely the same and therefore, no two of our bespoke conservatories will cost the same.

The best way to get a personal quotation from us, is to request a design consultation with one of our nationwide experts. We’ll hook you up with the designer closest to your home – to discuss your plans and find out what sort of costs you are looking at.

That can seem like a big step though, and whilst our consultations are entirely obligation free, we do understand that not everyone wants to jump straight into the design process. So, for those who do all their research first, we’ve put together a very rough guide to our conservatory costs for you.

  1. For around £25,000 (our average order value) you could do much more than you might think. Take this lean to kitchen extension, for example, which brings its red brick host property firmly into the modern realms of open plan. Sans, the additional patio doors included in this particular project (not shown), a similar lean to with bi-folding doors would cost you around £25,000.


  1. With a slightly larger budget of £40,000 opportunities for fully glazed rooms begin to open up. For example, this contemporary glass box extension, opening up onto the garden and bringing together indoor and outdoor spaces. A similar glass box, or modern orangery, to that shown would set you back around £40,000.


  1. If budget is no obstacle, and you’re working with anything upwards of £50,000 the world of architecture in glass is pretty much yours for the taking. For a budget above £50,000 you could bag yourself something as spectacular as this three winged orangery, shown below. This specific project costs around £73,000 but should give you an idea of what a larger budget could yield.

Apropos Olsen 5

To discuss your own plans, in more detail, with us – request a design consultation here, or call us on 0161 342 8206.


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