Adding Value with a Conservatory

Published on 4th November 2017
In a world where the likely hood of a decent state pension coming your way, becomes less and less likely, property is king. Conservatories can help extend your property, but will they add value?
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Yes say our friends over a Property Price Advice – and they know their stuff. Not only that though, they’ve gone a step further. They’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to, and figured out how best to add value to your property with a new conservatory.

We’ve lifted their top tips for you. Generated with the help of our own expert designer; Brendan Day, to help get you started.

  1. Plan accordingly – a poorly thought out build won’t go well and therefore won’t add much value. If it goes really wrong though, you could end up losing value instead.
  2. Know your costs – an orangery will cost you more initially, but if done right, could add even more value than a conservatory would.
  3. Ask an estate agent – whilst it’s said a conservatory can add up to 15% in value, it’s well worth finding out what this means in real terms for your property.
  4. Use permitted development – where possible, it’s best to avoid the hassle of planning permission. Do ensure you run your plans by the council though, just to double check the conservatory can be built under permitted development laws.
  5. Get a guarantee – and with it, some peace of mind. Should anything go wrong further down the line, you’re then fully covered and won’t have to shell out again.

If there is one thing we’d add, it’s that it pays to know your stuff. After all, why spend more than you’ll recoup on a new conservatory extension?

At Apropos, we only ever use the highest quality materials and workmanship – giving you the best chance of adding a little more money into the pension pot. We’re also more than happy to offer advice and guidance, liaise with your local planning authorities and help out in any way we can.

For more info on adding value to your home with a conservatory, head over to Property Price Advice by clicking here or get in touch with our experts on 0161 342 8206.

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