How To Hygge!

Published on 20th September 2017
We’re loath to say it, but it looks as though that’s a wrap on summer 2017 – not that we got much of one to start with, which is all the more reason to consider making the most of your outdoor living space with an Apropos structure, so you can enjoy your garden, whatever the weather. But, we digress!

Atelier Modular Garden Studio

Autumn is upon us and anyone who’s a regular to the internet will know that with autumn comes the cult phenomenon of Hygge; a danish concept which seeks to make the hibernation period between summer and spring, as cosy as possible. In fact, the closest translation we have in the English language for the term Hygge is cosy, and if that sounds like just the thing, you’re in the right place.

So, if Hygge is all about comfort, warmth and cosy spaces in which to see out winter – how exactly do you incorporate Hygge into you home?

  1. Bag Your Den – most of us have a go-to room in the house to de-stress and hide away from the world. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, a small den or an open plan home hub, you’ll know which room you prefer to retreat to when the dark nights set in. It should be a comfortable space, and orangeries work particularly well for this, allowing you views of the outside, whilst closeting you safely behind glazed walls.
  2. Make it Your Own – now that you’ve located the perfect place to Hygge, you can begin making the space into your ideal relaxation room. Think candles, throw blankets, enough cushions to build a small fort and lots of muted lighting.
  3. Put Your Feet Up – now, all that’s left to do is don your fluffiest pyjamas, as many pairs of slipper socks as take your fancy and brew up your hot drink of choice. Light the candles, switch off the big light and relax into your sanctuary of Hygge until the leaves are once again green on the trees*.
  4. One More Thing – calories don’t count in winter, so make like a bear and stock your new den with all of your favourite comfort foods in easy reach. No one wants to have to leave the Netflix marathon half way through to grab supplies, after all.

*We have to advise leaving your Hyggey hole to attend work each day here, if only to maintain your supply of hot chocolate, marshmallows and candles.

If all you’re missing is an orangery to Hygge within, get in touch with us today on 0161 342 8217 or request a consultation with your local designer here. 

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