Architecture In Glass: What’s Right For You?

Published on 9th September 2017
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your bespoke Apropos structure in readiness for next year; which we all know is the perfect time to enjoy your Apropos addition – so you don’t have to spend another spring and summer sat yearning for a little more outdoor living in your life!

Although each and every Apropos product is tailor made to meet the specifications of each individual client and their property we do have certain identifying terms and basic designs from which every Apropos begins its journey. Here is a short overview of these structures but, remember, the only limit when designing bespoke glass and aluminium structure with Apropos is your imagination.

Lean-To Conservatories












Lean to conservatories are ideal for smaller spaces, or for situations where a little extra space is required in the house without taking away too much of the garden. But these are not the only cases where a lean to conservatory can make a real difference to your home; Lean to conservatories can be used to extend kitchens, create connecting hallways, and can be designed in order to accommodate any unusual features of your home.

Lean to conservatories create the illusion of added space and height on top of that which they really create and allow light to flood your home in ways previously unheard of with your bog standard box conservatory.

Reverse Lean To Conservatories


Reverse Lean to conservatories are perfect for bungalows and smaller homes; with the highest point of the conservatory being furthest away from the home and sloping upwards from the lowest.

Again, this structure allows for vast amounts of space with a relatively small infringement upon the properties garden and floods the home with light.



Orangeries are the perfect addition to period homes; using both glass and brick work theses structures can be easily incorporated into the style any host properties and blend seamlessly with the both home and garden.

Orangeries create large open extensions which are great for all the family; and with a large Apropos rooflight up above and folding sliding doors to the front you won’t have to compromise on the amount of light your property gains.

Garden Studio

glass aterlier garden studio

Our garden studios can be made into the perfect office; for those of you who work at home and need to separate work life from the all important home life. These studios are stylish, sleek, and wouldn’t look out of place in any modern garden.

For more information on Apropos bespoke range of glass and aluminium structures give us a call on 0161 342 8200, or request a design consultation with your local expert here

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