Mini Breaks: How to use your garden room to help the kids holiday at home

Published on 16th August 2017
The long summer school holidays can be trying for parents. It’s not that you don’t want to spend the time with your children, more that it’s not always possible. With work commitments, who can take a six week break in one go? Who has the funds to spend on daily outings and activities? Who has the time to abandon household chores? We all have to work and we all have to live, so how can you make it all add up?

One of the simplest ways is to holiday at home…

The trick to making summer special for the whole family is to do things out of the ordinary, but while seaside trips, tourist attractions and exotic destinations are all well and good, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the home and garden, especially if you happen to have an Apropos garden room.

glass aterlier garden studio

Five Ways to Make Holidaying at Home Special

  • Part of the fun of holidaying is sleeping somewhere new. So if you can’t get away, why not move back the furniture and unfurl some sleeping bags in your garden room? One of the best things about children is that they don’t need luxury to have fun, but while sleeping on the floor is a bit of a novelty, you’ll know that your children are still safe and protected from the elements. With heads positioned near the glazing they can still look up and see the stars, but if the rain comes down in the night, there need be no disruption.
  • For wild life fans, a garden room can make the perfect base for your very own ‘Summerwatch’ programme. Whether you use the room as a hide to watch urban foxes at night and ‘twitch’ during the day, or set webcams – or even the camera on your laptop – to record from within the glass, your Apropos could be the first studio for your budding Chris Packham.
  • The home cinema is a real rainy day treat. Rearranging the furniture and creating temporary decorations are all part of the entertainment. Planning snacks – making popcorn is always fun, but concocting different toppings is even better (try melting together butter, syrup, toffee and marshmallows for a truly indulgent mix!) – inviting friends and selecting viewing material can keep kids entertained for hours, or even days.
  • Dining out is always fun, and so is learning to cook. Whether a teddy bear’s picnic for younger children, or a challenge to impress for the older kids, set them a budget and let them loose in the kitchen to create a meal, to be served up in their new pop-up restaurant; the garden room. Again, organising the temporary decor can be part of the entertainment.
  • If all else fails, you can make a fantastic games room. Whether video games, traditional board games, physical games, puzzles, or other craft activities, having a space to set things up and leave, ready to use at any point of return can be a real blessing.

For more fantastic ways to holiday from home head over to Living Well, Spending Less for their Top 25 Staycation Ideas or if the weathers lacking here are Spoonfuls 15 Fun Indoor Staycation Ideas.

If a bright and breezy stay-cation for you and the kids sounds like just the thing for your summer holidays get in touch today on 0161 342 206 or request a design consultation here. 

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