Mini Adventures: How to get the kids out & about this summer (so you can relax in your Apropos!)

Published on 26th August 2017
The summer holidays are, and rightly so, generally all about children. That niggling annoyance we know as ‘responsibility’, and the equally irksome ‘duty of care’ call us to arms, making sure that the kids are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Most of it comes naturally; we want our children to thrive and it gives us pleasure to see them doing so. But every so often, once in a while, when sleep has been short and tempers are shorter, every parent feels a need to reclaim their christian name, to be called by something, anything, other than ‘Mum’… Bert would do. Or Frank. Edith, Ethel or Gomez! You want to block your ears to whining ‘Daaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaaaad’ calls, ignore the bickering, and sit back in your conservatory with a cup of tea, potter in the greenhouse, meditate in your sunroom, or just generally do something for yourself.



It’s not selfish. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. It doesn’t mean that your children are neglected or unloved. It does mean that you’re human, and trying to retain your sanity! ‘Me time’ is actually a hugely important part of maintaining physical and psychological well-being, so finding fun and safe ways get the children out of your hair for half an hour can be a summer holiday sanity saver. These are Apropos’ top tips.

  1. Project management – Focused, entertained children are usually well-behaved children, so find an appealing challenge and try to make it happen. Set them up with modelling kits, teach them how to sew, or cross-stitch then give them something to work on, allocate a patch of garden that they can redesign or turn into a wildlife habitat; the project doesn’t matter as long as it’s focused.
  2. Read all about it – Not all children are natural readers, but a reading challenge is a great opportunity. Not only is reading a quiet activity with real educational and horizon-broadening benefits, but it presents a wealth of spin-off entertainment – writing reviews (which you can then ‘publish’ on Amazon, Good Reads, or other related websites), writing ‘fan fiction’, making plays based on the books, drawing pictures of favourite scenes, even making the food and drinks that appears in the books; what would your version of frobscottle taste like?!
  3. Team up – If you’re feeling the strain, your friends probably are too, so why not organise a couple of barter days and sleepovers? If you each take the other’s children for a day, a night, or even an afternoon, the kids can keep each other entertained while you the parents get the enticing prospect of liberty!
  4. Simple pleasures – Can you remember finding chalk stones and drawing patterns or hopscotch grids on your garden path? With a box of chalks and permission to draw, kids can entertain themselves for hours. For more inspiration take a look at The Home Teacher’s 20 Activities with Side Walk Chalk.
  5. Call in the professionals – If the free activities are failing, check out your local children’s clubs. Reasonably priced, run by professional childcare experts and filled with a multitude of childish delights, youth clubs and ‘fun days’ are a fantastic resource for parents and kids alike.

If Mini Adventures sounds like just the thing for your summer holidays get in touch today via; 0161 342 206 or request a design consultation here. 

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