How to Furnish your Conservatory

Published on 12th July 2017
Building a beautiful bespoke glass extension is a big investment, so while you can be sure that the architectural design will be flawless, you need to put serious consideration into what’s going to go into it once it’s finished.

To give you some inspiration for your new conservatory, we’ve looked at some of our favourite projects over the years and tapped into the expertise of some of the UK’s best loved interior stylists and bloggers to bring you the ultimate guide to furnishing your conservatory.

Bring the outdoors inside

David and Mark of Forward Features recommend making the most of the light by bringing the outside in with botanicals. “Greenery not only adds vibrancy to a space but it’s also amazing for your home environment. Whether it’s decorative succulents on a sideboard or coffee table, or perhaps a large palm in the corner of the room, adding flora to a conservatory will add interest with minimal effort or cost!”

Exposed brick walls and botanical fabrics combine to create a traditional garden room look for this light and airy conservatory. Green accents coordinate with the houseplants and uninterrupted garden views to give an outdoorsy feel, with the wicker furniture completing the classic conservatory look. Add a light-coloured flooring option to subtly reflect the incoming light and keep the room looking inviting.

You don’t have to go botanical to bring your indoor and outdoor spaces together. Creating a link between your indoor and outdoor spaces can really bring harmony into your home and will go a long way to make your whole environment feel like one, according to Gracious Luxury Interiors. Large windows and folding doors are a great way to create a smooth transition and a wonderful view of the outdoors.

To make the space look bigger, consider adding bi-fold doors and the same tiles inside your extension and immediately outside”, says Jenny Kakoudakis, Interiors Stylist.

This will unite the two spaces when you open up the doors and trick the eye into thinking the room is actually larger. Matt, anti-slip tiles will work best for this and you can add underfloor heating inside the extension to warm up the room.

Then to create zones inside the extension use carpets; they’re a great way to ‘ground’ a room and bring a scheme together. If you are thinking of having a seating area in this space use light coloured fabrics; dark ones will fade over time if exposed to direct light“.

Window dressing

If you’re looking for a way to add a little more privacy to your glass extension, without sacrificing style, design service Gracious Luxury Interiors have the following advice:

Pull back your curtains to really open up your windows and opt for a longer style for a more elegant look. Or, swap your curtains for lighter fabrics (such as linen, chenille or polyester/cotton) in white – this will go a really long way to brighten up your space.”

Alternatively, you can opt for conservatory blinds that are designed specifically for use in extensions. Don’t be put off by the idea that they might not fit in your bespoke extension – blinds specialists like Hillary’s can create a solution that’s made to measure, so you can have exactly what you want for your space.

Dining room extensions

Creating a dining room out of a beautiful glass extension means that you’ve got a lot of natural light to play with. Monochromatic interiors and neutral tones can work perfectly to create a space with a real impact. This intimate dining space piles on the drama with a stunning chandelier that keeps the spotlight firmly on the dinner table even during the evening when the natural light has faded.

Another key trend for dining room interiors is to mix and match dining chairs. No longer the preserve of first homes, where chairs are mismatched out of financial necessity, an eclectic mix of chairs is a very modern design statement. When you’re trying this look, it’s important to ensure that all of the chairs have the same seat height, as Holly Dawson of Frances Hunt recommends.

At the other end of the design scale, the combination of neutral walls and flooring of this dining room extension serves to make the dining table the sole focal point of this dramatic space. Wall-to-wall windows, sliding glass doors and a glass roof ensure that this room is flooded with light during the day, with uninterrupted views of the garden. At night, spotlights provide subtle atmospheric lighting to ensure that complete the look.

Living room extensions

Use your new conservatory as a second living room to transform it into a natural extension of your home. Leather sofas and scatter cushions give this room a comfortable, welcoming feel, accented by the coordinating wooden furniture pieces. Walls of bifolding glass doors provide plenty of natural light and easy access to the garden terrace.

With modern glass and construction techniques, your conservatory doesn’t have to be a room for Summer only. Embrace last year’s hottest design trend, the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’, with a cosy space that’s welcoming all year round. Think soft, comfortable sofas, candlelight, family photographs and warming underfloor heating.

For a truly contemporary lounge space, stick with pure white furnishings. The natural light that floods through the beautiful glass roof starkly illuminates the clean lines of the decor, for a crisp, modern look that remains inviting.

Luxury living room extension

Kitchen extensions

Jenny Kakoudakis, Interiors Stylist has great advice for decorating a modern glass kitchen extension. “Exposed brick walls are popular in modern kitchen extensions. You can combine them with furniture that echoes an industrial or mid-century feel as these two styles work well together. Charles Eames chairs, as shown here, are great for around the dining table, they are durable as well as on trend and come in a variety of colours to work with the rest of your decor.


However, if you don’t like accent walls or exposed brick, but still want to ‘warm’ up the room, try a dark coloured floor. If real wood is not in the budget, think about wood-effect ceramic tiles. For a Scandi feel, use furniture with a lot of wood or leather.

For a warm, inviting kitchen that has a more traditional flair, incorporate open wooden beams and country-style cabinets into your extension. Bringing greenery inside contributes to the country aesthetic, as well as creating a connection with the space outside.

The clean lines and sharp finish of stainless steel work beautifully in a glass kitchen extension, complementing the strong aluminium construction for a cohesive look. If you’re concerned about glare from the sunlight, try brushed steel for a more matte, highly tactile finish.

Inspired to create your own beautiful extensions? Get in touch for a design consultation, or download our buying guide to learn more.

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