Interior Design Trends to Ignore This Season…

Published on 7th June 2017
So, summer is finally here and with it comes the usual round of design gurus spouting their must-have trends for the body, the garden and the home. At Apropos we prefer to take an original approach, so this is our guide to decorating downfalls and trends to take with a pinch of salt.

Animal magnetism – For years now, designers have been trying to tempt us into investing in animal print decor; zebra stripe wallpaper, leopard print rugs, giraffe spot upholstery and cow hide everything else. It comes in natural tones and garish hues and frankly, it really shouldn’t! Sometimes it’s good to walk on the wild side, but everything in moderation; it’s fine to tart up your textiles with a cushion or two, but know your limitations  and beware if you’re about to pass them!

A Real Steel – Metallics have been ‘in’ for years in fashion and beauty, but this year they’re returning to the home. When used with restraint the impact is fabulous; but go overboard and you’re left with a design that wouldn’t look out of place in a hospital kitchen; cold; sterile; utterly uninviting. Remember to pair with contrasting pops of colour and softer objects if you decide to take on this look. dining area conservatory

Alone the heavy use of steel in this kitchen is cold and uninviting but teamed with a curving table, colourful plants & an interesting light fitting the whole room is transformed.

Textural Excess – Using a range of tactile textures in your interiors is a really good idea; it enhances the way you experience a room and brings in a new dimension. However, a textural overload confuses the eye, diminishes the impact and creates unnecessary work. Visually, this raised geometric splashback may look the part, but practically, it’s a functional nightmare. Even taking away heavy-handed sauce shaking, flying cooking fat and the vagaries of children, dust will cling to every crevice and cleaning will be a bane. Before long your ode to modern living will become a grimy haiku to domestic despair.

We wouldn’t for a minute suggest that these textured splash backs don’t look amazing but practical they are not, so unless you’re lucky enough to have volunteers to clean them for you, we’d steer clear.

Hot Pink Rethink – A pretty pink palace may be every six year old girl’s delight, but once you’ve passed a certain age it pays to ask yourself a question before embarking on an interior overhaul; will I still respect you in the morning? If you can handle hot pink when you have a headache, when the children are screaming, when you’ve had a glass too many, or when sleep is a pastime you only vaguely remember, then go ahead; paint the house pink! The hotter the better! If not, try toning down a bit and demonstrate your pink passion with a colour splash.

This hot pink splash of colour is not too much, and not too little; creating an eye-catching feature without inducing any migraines.

This hot pink splash of colour is not too much, and not too little; creating an eye-catching feature without inducing any migraines.

Neon Nights – What’s black and white and neon all over? An interior design scheme that you’ll be replacing in six months, max. Refer to Hot Pink Rethink for more information..!

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