An Edinburgh Orangery

Published on 14th June 2017
Apropos was proud to be involved in this sympathetic, high-spec renovation project – designing and installing the orangery’s rooflight, folding sliding doors and windows.

Property Type

Four-bedroomed, ground floor, period apartment




£23,000 (exc. external and internal construction work)

Reason for the extension?

The orangery replaced a tired, timber-framed conservatory that was beginning to rot.

Why an orangery, rather than a conservatory?

The owners wanted to give the property a ‘wow’ factor, whilst retaining some elements of traditional design. The orangery provided this ‘wow’ factor in spades. The result was an extension that acted as a focal point for the home; allowing for increased flow with the exterior and an aesthetically perfect marriage of period detail, cutting-edge design and craftsmanship of the highest order.

Details of the construction process

Initially, a site survey was conducted. GAD drawings were then prepared and approved by the customer. Materials for the project were procured, and delivery agreed for 7-8 hence. In the meantime, Apropos’ bespoke designs were translated from paper to reality. The aluminium was polyester powder coated to the customer’s requirements in a matt quartz grey (RAL 7039). Once delivered, installation took approximately one week.

Build materials and technology used?

The structure of the rooflight, windows and doors was manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys 6063T5 and 6082T6, conforming to BS1474. All fixings were made from long term heavy duty grade stainless steel.

The glazing was dual-sealed, double glazed insulated units compliant to BS5713 with the following configuration:

  • The primary seal was polyisobutylene, and the secondary seal was two-part polysulphide.
  • The 4mm thick double-glazed units were filled with argon gas and were toughened float with Activ self and S3 LowE.
  • All glazing bars had captive Nitrile “E” gaskets creating a seal between the glass and aluminium eliminating direct contact.

Green aspect to the build

The system’s U-value was 1.1, far exceeding the demands of building regulations and reducing heat loss. The aluminium was thermally broken, thereby increasing thermal efficiency.

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