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Published on 4th May 2017
It’s almost summer – when everything is fresh, new and green; flowers are both budding and blooming; the bees are in a frenzy over the wealth of pollen and nectar; and the lawns are not yet frazzled. It’s the ideal time to sit in your – hopefully, Apropos – conservatory with doors open and a cup of tea in hand, and take stock of your green resources.
Imagine Lazy Summer Days in Your Apropos Lean-to Conservatory

Imagine Lazy Summer Days in Your Apropos Lean-to Conservatory

If your fingers are not naturally green, the garden in summer can seem a bit overwhelming; simply knowing where the propagated plants end and the weeds begin can be difficult. However, gardening shouldn’t be a matter of you vs. nature, but rather a source of peace, relaxation and gentle exercise. When your garden is at its peak, it is easier to see what does and doesn’t work and whether you’re using the area to maximum effect.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Garden This Summer
  1. Hand Weeding – It may not sound it, but hand weeding is incredibly satisfying and therapeutic, as well as benefitting the garden. If you’re unsure, the RHS have a great little weed identifier to help you.
  2. The Chelsea Chop – If you have herbaceous perennials, you can take action now to prolong your flowering season. If you cut half of the stems by about half of their height the plants will be stronger, less leggy, and will produce flowers much later in the season than they would if left. Achillea, Helenium, Echinacea and Sedum are all ideal candidates.
  3. Sow Salad – Salad leaves are among the easiest things you can grow, and if you successively sow them in pots you’ll keep the slugs at bay and produce enough to see you through until early winter.
  4. Cut it Out – One of the cheapest ways to ensure your garden blooms beautifully into the future is to take cuttings of your favourite plants. There are numerous ways to do this, so for a detailed guide, please visit the Gardener’s World website.
  5. Aaaaand, Relax – Enjoying the garden isn’t just about work, so find a pretty place to sit and take it all in. Looking for ideas? Apropos could help you with that.

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