Spend Spring Under A Glazed Veranda

Published on 1st April 2017
What could you do with a little extra sheltered garden space? Spring is in the air, and if there was ever a season for escaping into the great outdoors, or at least pottering down to the bottom of the garden, it has to be spring.


From rustic roundhouses and Japanese garden rooms, to astonishingly striking viewing platforms which double as works of art, the message is clear; the great outdoors is the place to be. While not all of us have the space, planning permission, or budget to stretch to a fully glazed garden room or customised garden studio, what we do have is a great deal of ingenuity and a flare for making the best of our resources. At Apropos, we believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy their little patch of land, and with Apropos Outdoor Living our aim is to help make the very best of even the most modest of budgets and smallest of spaces.

From al fresco dining and all-weather barbeques, to simply drying washing on rainy days, Glazed Verandas and Patio Roofs offer endless possibilities of purpose; adding some great functional space to your garden or patio. The veranda has been an aspirational home accessory since the 1700s however contemporary glazed verandas are a far more practical and modern affair. Apropos latest offering; Apropos Outdoor Living, have created a brand new range of glazed aluminium structures in all shapes and sizes at a price point that you can afford; allowing you to make the most of the space available to you.

Flexibility is perhaps the biggest benefit that Apropos Outdoor Living can deliver, not just in terms of functionality, but also in regards to composition; crafted from unobtrusive polyester powder-coated aluminium and single-glazed safety-laminated glass, our bespoke structures are tailored in every way to suit your needs. We can make frames exactly the size you need them to be, they can be customised to suit almost any location, with roof pitches that harmonize with your window heights and frames coloured to compliment your home.

Apropos Outdoor Living structures can be open-sided, glass walled, have strategically placed panels to act as windbreaks, or gorgeous bi-fold doors depending upon your requirements.  From sharp lines to open elements, the choice is entirely yours, and if you can’t decide what would best suit your space, our design team are always at the ready to proffer professional advice, and ensure your structure remains within the realms of current building regulations. We will help you to develop your own style while offering the benefit of our experience – and although planning permission is not usually required for these kinds of structures, if it is, we can sort that out for you too.

One step away from a complete conservatory, an Apropos Glazed Veranda, Patio Roof or Garden Room will give you the contemporary living space you crave and because we manufacture all parts ourselves, we guarantee you the same Apropos quality and Apropos style at an easily affordable price point. From subtle spaces to real rooms Apropos can make Outdoor Living a reality for you and your family – so just can enjoy spring in style, this year.

To find out more about Apropos Outdoor Living take a look at your options here, or get in touch to discuss things with your local design consultant. 

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