The Brits who built the modern world…

Published on 19th April 2017

This spring, RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) is hosting a programme of exhibitions and events celebrating the major British architects and architectural developments of the last 260 years. It’s a fascinating story covering all aspects of the craft and projects from all over the world, led by British design teams. Through drawings, watercolours, photographs and models, the programme demonstrates the prowess of Britannia and how our comparatively small country has made its mark, from London to Hong Kong.

brits-bg_croppedLike kids in the proverbial sweetshop, the Apropos team has been romping around the Brits exhibition, making notes on our favourite areas.

The Brits Who Built The Modern World, 1950-2012 – Launching the new RIBA gallery, is a stunning collection of more than 190 exhibits displaying the fruits of one of the most rapidly changing eras in the history of architecture. From Norman Foster and his great glazed skyscrapers (the HSBC building in Hong Kong and London’s ‘Gherkin’) to Richard Rogers and his industrially chic Lloyds building and more controversial Millennium Dome, the exhibition charts the structural redefinition of the UK, and beyond.

Top British Buildings – The title says it all; this collection explores some of the key projects that put British architecture back on the world map. As you might have seen in the recent Apropos blog article, The Great Buildings of Great Britain, one of our favourite constructions has made it onto RIBA’s list; the beautiful biomes of Tim Smit’s and Nicholas Grimshaw’s Eden Project. Detailing the design, the ethos and practise that spawned the Project, as well as looking at other influential sites of the last half century, this is a thoroughly absorbing and inspiring display.

Empire Builders: 1750-1950 – Based in the Victoria and Albert Museum, this part of the series examines where, why and how British architects built internationally, both inside and outside of the Empire. This is a must-see, not just for the architecturally-minded, but for anyone with an interest in the age of Empire. Whether you applaud or are appalled by the actions of the Empire builders, there is no escaping the impact that they still have on our lives today.

As a British manufacturer, with a history dating back 75+ years, and a passion for original design, we like to think that at Apropos we’re doing our bit to continue the great tradition of British architecture. Like our country, we may be small, but we are mighty.

Let us know if you get down to the exhibition – we’d love to hear your best bits. 

Alternatively, get in touch today to start your own Great British Design!

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